The Apple IP Phone

June 27, 2007 by Garrett Smith

What If Apple Made an IP Phone?

With the release of the Apple iPhone just two days away, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the next great Apple product; the Apple IP Phone. The Apple IP Phone combines the style, simplicity, and usability that Apple is known for with the next generation of business class features and functionality that tomorrow’s business person will demand. Let’s take a closer look at the Apple IP Phone.

An IP Phone + an iPhone


The first thing that you might notice about the Apple IP Phone is that it integrates with the Apple iPhone; acting as a docking station for the cellular phone, which will allow for all of your mobile calls to be managed through the main IP Phone console while you are sitting at your desk. The Apple IP Phone does not have a handset, as those are old school. It features a full duplex HD speakerphone, and supports Bluetooth headsets, as the business person of tomorrow need the flexibility hands-free calling provides.


With a full color, 8″ X 6″ multi-touch screen, the Apple IP Phone allows users to toggle their full list of iPhone contacts, but also their business contacts contained within program such as Microsoft Outlook, Plaxo, among others. This brilliant picture screen implores you to experience true web browsing from you phone. With the ability to watch streaming video, and thanks to the 4 mega pixel camera, conduct rich video calls with your favorite colleagues the Apple IP Phone offers the complete multi-media business experience (it will even play MP3’s and movies, for when you feel like slacking off at work).

Apple IP Phone VoIP and Networking Features

Apple knows a great product is not just about the glitz and glamour; it is about the meat and potato’s too! The Apple IP Phone is SIP based and supports all of the most commonly used VoIP codecs. The phone comes with the full laundry list of call features and functionality; caller id, call waiting, call forward, call parking, hold; etc. With support for Power over Ethernet through dual 10/100 Mbps ethernet ports for LAN/WAN connectivity, or alternatively (bandwidth considered), the ability to utilize the Apple iPhone’s WiFi capabilities and AC power to connect to your network, Apple IP Phone delivers the ultimate in connectivity flexibility. Supporting up to six concurrent calls, the phone can meet the demands of the busiest business persons.

Finally, the Apple IP Phone supports remote, zero-touch provisioning and upgrades from a variety of servers, including FTP, TFTP, HTTP3, or HTTPS3. To ensure reliable, uninterrupted performance, the phone supports boot4 and call server redundancy. This is the VoIP phone every business VoIP geek has been dreaming of!

The Apple IP Phone: We Can Only Dream, Right?

The prospects of Apple ever releasing an IP Phone are pretty slim, but hey, you never know. Apple could very easily make a successful entry into the VoIP hardware market with a stylish VoIP phone that comes with remarkable usability. It would be awesome to see that sort of life blood injected into the un-sexy borish world of VoIP hardware. C’mon Apple, what are you waiting for? We already gave you the design and spec’s! Come build this thing!

Thanks to Tito, our graphic designer, for the Apple IP Phone pictures!



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