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3CX and Patton Solve your Communication Problems – Part 1

September 10, 2012
3CX Windows-based phone system is quickly becoming one of the most popular IP PBX solutions available today. And why not? You don't have to buy ... READ MORE

ATAs, More Than a Butter Knife

August 2, 2012
It’s not a sentiment that I share but in many people’s eyes analog telephone adaptors (ATAs) are the butter knife of the VoIP world. Beyond the ... READ MORE

New Patton Digital Gateways Improve on a Good Thing

June 19, 2012
VoIP Supply recently attended a webinar hosted by Patton announcing their new Smartnode 4970, 4980, and 4990 series digital gateways. We wanted to share the good word ... READ MORE

Need Google Voice for Your VoIP Phone?

May 15, 2012
Connecting Google Voice on an old analog land line phone is comparatively easy compared to using Google Voice on a VoIP Phone. You could simply follow the Google ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply Named an AudioCodes Certified Partner

April 30, 2012
VoIP Supply is now a part of AudioCodes new "North America Partner program at the Certified Level." AudioCodes is a global leader in providing VoIP products ... READ MORE

First Look: Sangoma Vega 100 and Vega 200 Gateways

April 12, 2012
What Are They? Sangoma's Vega series of VoIP gateways support a range of telephony interfaces to connect your devices to IP networks. What Do They Do? The Sangoma ... READ MORE

First Look: Digium Gateways

March 21, 2012
What Is It? The new Digium Gateways are an alternative to installing Digium TDM cards into your server when bridging the PSTN to a SIP environment, ... READ MORE

FaxBack asks, "Are you getting the most from VoIP Faxing?"

January 13, 2012
VoIP Supply is exited to announce that we’ve added FaxBack Fax adapters to efficiently employ VoIP faxing in your organization. Businesses still need fax machines but ... READ MORE

Sangoma Vega Gateways Add VoIP Access Options

January 12, 2012
VoIP Supply has added the new Sangoma Vega Gateways to increase connectivity options for your VoIP application. Sangoma is "not just a board company anymore."  Realizing the ... READ MORE

Xorcom Clarifies TwinStar Resiliency Capabilities

January 4, 2012
With Digium's help in a previous post I outlined how the new Digium R-Series failover appliances stack up against leading competitors solutions, including Xorcom. If you've been comparing ... READ MORE