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Digium R-Series Redundancy vs. Xorcom and RedFone

December 23, 2011
Got resiliency? The newly released Digium R-Series redundancy appliances enable your network to recover from hardware or software failures and maintain communication with the outside world.   Digium failover appliances work with their open source ... READ MORE

Sangoma’s Planned New Gateway Appliances

September 22, 2011
Known for their PC-based cards for enahancing IP voice and data, Sangoma is now adopting a cloud-based model to expand their offerings beyond their legacy ... READ MORE

AudioCodes Gateways & BlackBerry Smartphones

May 4, 2011
AudioCodes Gateways are now being used in conjunction with Blackberry to provide mobile voice over Wi-Fi. By Integrating AudioCodes Mediant line of gateways with BlackBerry's Mobile ... READ MORE

AudioCodes Selected for Global Deployment of Microsoft Lync

March 29, 2011
AudioCodes has announced that a global provider of digital advertising solutions will migrate its ICT infrastructure to a UC system based solely on Microsoft and: AudioCodes VoIP ... READ MORE

Benefits of AudioCodes Gateways

February 26, 2011
Audiocodes VoIP Solutions is a field-proven and best-of-breed VoIP technology.  With AudioCodes offering solutions from a density of 4 ports all the way up 16 T1’s, ... READ MORE

AudioCodes MP-252 All-In-One Home Multimedia Gateway

October 6, 2010
Could we be seeing the return of innovation in the VoIP equipment space? Let's hope so. Over the last two years the VoIP equipment market place ... READ MORE

SIP Trunking With a VoIP Gateway

July 16, 2010
It's certainly true that IP telephony offers a much more robust telephony experience than traditional analog telephony. However that robust experience often comes with an ... READ MORE

IP Enabling Your Analog Paging System

June 30, 2010
Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible and not easily managed. Oh and they don't exactly play well with your new IP PBX. Now, you could ... READ MORE

Leveraging Existing Handsets With a VoIP Gateway

June 23, 2010
If you are reading this you have probably concluded that VoIP would be the most efficient way of communication for your business. However you may find ... READ MORE

Connecting a VoIP System to the PSTN

May 25, 2010
The PSTN still (believe it or not) has its place in today’s telecommunications world. With communications being the “beating heart” of your business, you certainly cannot ... READ MORE