Copper Retirement Solutions: Encrypted FoIP devices and services

February 11, 2020 by Dan Dorsey

Copper Retirement is the most significant change to the Telecom network since the cellphone revolutionized mobility.  Are you ready? Are you prepared? Have you received “the letter?”

Have you called Patton/VoIp Supply/babyTEL to learn about solutions for Copper Retirement?  

What is Copper Retirement

Copper Retirement is the de-commissioning (or retirement) of the old Telephone circuit-switched network providing analog copper phone lines in the local ILEC or CLEC wire center (Central Office).  Customers still with an active analog copper phone line have to switch to the new packet-switched fiber optic telephone network or risk getting disconnected from their service.

Some examples of services today using the old analog copper phone lines are Fax, Alarm monitoring, Point Of Sale (POS) devices and Digital Subscriber Lines  (DSL).

Today, the ILEC’s are slowly introducing their new packet-switched optic fibre network by delivering “the letter” to millions of business’ across the USA.  This “letter” informs you of the changes to the ILEC network and the impact it will have, should you not make the switch to their packet-switched optic fibre network.  While most of your communication services will be unaffected, one service that can be affected is Fax.

Fax was designed to work over analog copper lines on circuit-switched networks and became very popular because of the reliability, security and legality of the fax transmission technology.  While Copper Retirement has provided a relatively seamless migration for telephony over to the optic fibre packet-switched network, fax transmission technology initially was faced with challenges as the new packet-switched network did not meet the exacting standards required by Fax.  In order to make Fax over packet-switched networks more robust, the T.38 protocol for Real-Time Fax was introduced.

The T.38 protocol allows traditional stand-alone fax machines or Multi-function devices to act and send/receive faxes exactly like they always have with no new training or exceptions.  While the ILEC’s have prioritized the migration of DSL, Voice Telephony and Alarm services, they have ignored Fax. Fax is easy to ignore because most people (even the ILEC’s) think that it doesn’t exist anymore.  However, fax is alive and well and plays a very significant role in the Healthcare, Professional Services and Insurance business’.

Given the ILEC’s low priority of migrating Fax over to the new packet-switched optic fibre network, Patton Electronics and T.38 specialists babyTEL have teamed up to deliver Encrypted Fax devices and services that migrate you to the optic fibre packet-switched network today.

So before you get “the letter”, get “the facts” on Copper Retirement and how it will affect your business.  

Call babyTEL at 514-448-0415 Today.

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