Fanvil Device Management Cloud System (FDMCS) In the Know

April 15, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Did you hear that? Fanvil is upgrading its device management system to the cloud! During our webinar with Fanvil this month, we introduced Fanvil’s Device Management Cloud System, the benefits, major updates and more. Let’s take a quick recap here:

Download the presentation slides here to learn more

What is FDMCS?

FDMCS is short for Fanvil Device Management Cloud System. It is a cloud version of the FDMS. Just like FDMS, it provides remote devices management service via TR069.

Manage devices through LAN or WAN to access. FDMS/FDMCS can support configuration, deployment and firmware upgrade capabilities. The service provides a centralized platform to make real time monitoring, and management of devices.

When will FDMCS be Available?

FDMCS (the cloud version) is scheduled to be released in late May 2021. The server version (FDMS) is currently available for downloading. 

4 Major Updates on the Cloud version:

  1. MAC based Upgrades + Individual phones can be configured vs. by model number •
  2. High Level Dashboard + View Sub Accounts, Phones/Devices and Activities + Sub Channel, reseller, Partner Groups, 
  3. Customers can create separate organizations with independent devices and data •
  4. Coming Soon: Post initial release = OpenAPI

Check out the FDMCS application flows in a chart:

Visit our website to learn more about Fanvil’s FDMS and FDMCS!

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