Featured Customer: Highlands Fellowship

August 8, 2016 by Ying-Hui Chen

Highlands Fellowship was founded in April of 1995 with the vision of creating a church where imperfect people love to attend. LOGO

With multiple campuses in Virginia and an online campus, Highlands Fellowship believes that a church isn’t just a building – it’s the people. Let’s hear their story!

Budget Constraint Challenge

case study1Highlands Fellowship lost their Comdial PBX in an electrical storm and therefore decided to upgrade their system to an IP based phone system.

They were offered a proposal by a friend that had some knowledge of VoIP, but unfortunately the proposal was still out of their budget. At that point Highlands Fellowship realized they needed the assistance of a VoIP expert who had the ability and knowledge to guide them to the right solution that fits within their budget and needs. That’s when they found VoIP Supply’s CloudSpan MarketPlace.

VoIP Supply to the Rescue

case study 2Our VoIP specialist conducted a free consultation with Highlands Fellowship and learned their special requirements including their financial constraints and the need of using Elastix server or Switchvox Appliance.

Seeing that Patton units are highly compatible with Elastix server and have all the options to meet their requirements, our VoIP specialist suggested they build a system using Elastix server with Patton SN4118, 4-FXS, 4-FXO VoIP Gateways, and Grandstream IP Phones.

Utilizing VoIP Supply’s resources and VoIP knowledge, Highlands Fellowship was finally able to enjoy a well-functioning VoIP system within a limited budget. They have been continuously expanding their phone system everyday since then.

“The folks at VoIP Supply are incredibly knowledgeable at what they do and truly care about their customers. It’s a true delight to work with such a great company.” – Brad Stuart from Highlands Fellowship Church

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