[GUIDE] 4 Simple Steps to Set Up Fanvil SIP Hotspot

October 15, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

The VoIP Supply team once again partnered with Fanvil to host a technical webinar! This time, we are demonstrating how to easily set up your Fanvil i-series door phones. Let’s take a quick recap:

Click Here to Download the presentation slides

How to Set Up Fanvil SIP Hotspot and Door Phones

To set up your Fanvil door phone, you need to first register it to the SIP server. Your SIP server will provide necessary information such as domain, port number, outbound proxy IP, extension and password, etc. 

Next, you will need to add an SIP account on the SIP hotspot device. 

  • Hotspot server phone registers sip account of sip server and clients connect to SIP hotspot server phone; 
  • Clients share the extension number of sip hotspot server, all clients will ring together or one by one with sip hotspot on incoming calls, any sip phone call out via sip hotspot extension number; 
  • Hotspot clients call each other with the extension number assigned by hotspot server;

Step1. Add one sip account on a SIP hotspot device. Add the sip account info from SIP server on hotspot device


Step2. Enable SIP hotspot service on hotspot device

Step3. Enable SIP hotspot service on sip hotspot clients Enable hotspot and select client as mode. 

Type, monitor and local port must be the same as sip hotspot. 

Step 4. Move unmanaged extensions to managed ones Go to Hotspot Managed Extension page, move all clients from Unmanaged part to Managed part. 

Now when all the clients are online, users can call each other with the extension number assigned by SIP hotspot device.

Once a SIP hotspot is registered to the sip server, all the clients will use the same extension to call out or receive incoming calls. When there are incoming calls, all clients will ring together with SIP hotspot or ring one by one. 
Download our webinar presentation slides to learn more about other Fanvil doorphone settings such as hotspot group, speed dial button, remote password, and more!


  • Kimaya Agatha

    is it possible on the local network?

    • Hi Kimaya,

      Yes, it does run on the same local network.

      SIP hotspot enables a phone to be able to emulate a SIP server and ring other phones when one phone is called(like a hotel room with multiple phones). You can do this with a PBX server via group ring, but to provide this service via phone is very easy to manage since you only need one sip registration per room or office, or home and have all phones ring(home office).

      Thank you,

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