How to Configure Busy Monitoring on Snom’s M500

December 2, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

Have you heard of the Busy Monitoring feature? As the name implies, Busy Monitoring provides the ability to monitor other users within Snom M500 when they are available or when they are active on a call. It effectively reduces interruptions and increases productivity. 

Busy Monitoring can be configured on a Programmable Feature Key (PFK) on both Snom M55 or M58. The PFK LED shows: 

  • Red – when the user is on a call
  • Green – when the user is idle

Pressing the PFK when the monitored user is idle will initiate an intercom call to the monitored user. 

How to Configure Busy Monitoring by WebUI

The configuration is fairly easy! Simply follow these three easy steps: 

  1. On the System > Programmable Keys page, select the handset or deskset that you want to use for monitoring.
  2. On the PFK that you select, click on the Type list and select “Dect Busy Monitoring”. Click on the Value box, and enter the device ID (1-48) of the handset or deskset that you want to monitor.

  3. Repeat the above steps for each additional handset or deskset that you want to monitor.

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