How to Install VoIP at Home

October 5, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

What do you need for a home VoIP installation using your existing traditional telephone?  There’s a few simple components, most of which you probably already have:

1.  Internet service

2.  Broadband modem

3.  VoIP Adapter

4.  VoIP Service Provider

5.  Phone

Home VoIP Setup

Making the Connection

Simply put, first connect your VoIP adapter to your broadband internet modem and then connect your phone to your VoIP adapter.   A VoIP adapter works as a bridge between an IP network and an analog station device (desktop telephone).

If the voice traffic is originating from an analog telephone or the PSTN a VoIP adapter will convert the analog voice signal into a digital signal.

In order to make VoIP phone calls, you’re going to need a VoIP service provider much like you.  There’s a lot of different plans out there and we can give you no obligation VoIP service quotes in minutes.

3 Types of VoIP Adapters

There are three types of VoIP adapters that you should be aware of:

  • Single FXS:  A single FXS VoIP adapter allows you to connect one telephone. Single FXS VoIP adapters come with either one or two Ethernet ports.
  • Dual FXS:   A dual FXS VoIP adapter allows you to connect up to two telephones. Dual FXS VoIP adapters come with either one or two Ethernet ports.
  • FXO / FXS:  A FXO / FXS VoIP adapter allows you to connect a single telephone and a single POTS line.

Need More Info?

For more information, check out these resources:


  • Chris Petersen

    95-year-old mother is in a assisted living. They have a VoIP PBX for their phones. She needs more than one phone around the apartment since she cannot answer the phone in one spot. So I want to connect her old analog cordless phones base unit to the Yealink T46s. This will allow her to use any one of four more phones to answer the call. We can live with having it just work with incoming calls and we don’t need to necessarily have to be able to dial out using the analog phones. Is there an adapter that will allow us to do that?

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for contacting us. I have assigned our VoIP consultant, Hazel Rutkowski, to assist you with your VoIP needs. She will be reaching out shortly! Here’s her contact information for your convenience:

      w: e: [email protected] d: 716.531.4079

      Thank you,

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