How to Read the LED Status Indicator on the Konftel 70 Conference Phone

September 3, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

The Konftel 70 conference phone is popular for many reasons – It is portable, easy to use, adaptable, inexpensive, and it is appealing! One convenient feature the Konftel 70 offers is the LED status indicator, which tells you the call status, device modes, and more. Let us help you understand what each light means:

How to Read the LED Status Indicator on the Konftel 70 

The LED status indicator shows you your call status, power connection, battery state and more. Here is a list of the lights and what each one indicates:

  • Steady Red – Microphones are on mute
  • Flashing Red – A call is on hold
  • Steady Green – A call is in progress
  • Flashing Green – An incoming call is ringing
  • Steady Blue – Call transfer to mobile phone or the music mode
  • LEDs off – The speakerphone is inactive

There are also two additional LED indicators located on:

  1. Bluetooth logo on the front part of the device. When it shows steady blue color, it indicates Bluetooth standby, pairing and music modes, and manual reconnect. 
  2. Off Hook touch button. It shows the power is on in the idle and standby modes and during the active usage. When the white LED light is off, the device is in the hibernate mode

There you have it! Visit our product page to learn more about the Konftel 70 or simply give us a call at -1800-398-8647 to get more information!

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