How to Set up the Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar

March 10, 2023 by Tony Monteleone

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar is easy to set up and use so you can get it up and running in minutes and be ready to take on your next video meeting with professional video and audio quality.  

Connect your Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar device to your computer with the provided USB cable. Once you plug in the device, you can start using the personal video bar. Please note that a separate adapter is required to connect to the USB-A port on a PC/Mac and that this adapter is not included.

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar includes a removable monitor clamp that fits security atop your display with easy adjustments for the optimal angle.

When setting up your Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, mount and position the camera so that your eyes are level with the top third of your screen and your face appears in the middle area of the video stream.

In a home office, position the camera to an appropriate angle and consider disabling the tracking feature to avoid capturing potential distractions in your video (for example, other people, pets, or TVs). If you are in a conference or meeting room with other people, keep the view focused on people and not the background or room furnishings.

The Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar provides exceptional optics, powerful audio, automatic camera framing, and cutting-edge noise-blocking technology. Once you have set up your Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar, you can preview your video stream before you join a meeting and make sure your video quality is at its best and professional looking and that your camera settings are configured correctly.

There are many reasons why video may not look the way you expect. Are the colors not right? Does the video break up? Is there noise?

Use the following recommended advanced tips and guidelines to enhance or improve your experiences during video conferences.


▪ Close any curtains, drapes, or blinds over your windows. Daylight is a variable light source and can conflict with interior room lighting.

▪ Bright lighting increases the range of in-focus objects, but inappropriate direct lighting might make you look harsh. Poly recommends using indirect fluorescent lighting in a mid-range, neutral color temperature (3600 K to 4500 K).

Audio and Noise

▪ Mute your audio when you’re silent or before you move your audio device.

▪ Keep your windows and doors closed to minimize unwanted noises.

▪ Close any drapes or blinds over your windows. The glass from window panes can cause issues with acoustics due to reflection.

▪ If you’re in an open or common area, consider using a headset with Active Noise Canceling (ANC) to minimize distractions.

▪ Poly NoiseBlock AI helps the microphone eliminate unwanted noises while picking up your voice. If you’re not using Poly NoiseBlock technology, consider these additional audio suggestions:

◦ Don’t obstruct your microphone with papers or other objects.

◦ Avoid tapping on the table or rustling papers.

Clothing, Furnishings, and Backgrounds

▪ To avoid disruptions, exclude the following from the camera view: light sources, tables, chairs, walls, busy decorations, and the floor.

▪ To avoid funny effects, wear clothes that contrast with the background instead of blending into it, and make sure nothing in the background seems to stick out of anyone’s head.

▪ Avoid glossy tabletops, strong colors, or bold wood grain in the room. The best table surface color is a flat satin finish in neutral gray.

▪ A wall that’s painted light gray with a touch of blue works best as a background. Video conferencing systems use a gray or blue reference image to process the video, so a background in that color helps to enhance the video you send.

Learn more about the useful features of the Poly Studio P15 Personal Video Bar camera here or call our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today!

Now that you are all set up, leave a comment below and share your experiences. 

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