IP Enabling Your Analog Paging System

June 30, 2010 by Darren Hartman

Traditional zoned paging systems are proprietary, inflexible and not easily managed. Oh and they don’t exactly play well with your new IP PBX.

Now, you could replace your zoned paging system with IP paging system, but that requires additional budget and time that you’d more than likely save. However there is IP paging equipment that provides for flexible zoning, and enhanced speaker capabilities that does not require you to throw out your existing investment.

Enter the IP paging gateway! A relatively simple device, the IP Paging gateway is similar in form an function to a VoIP adapter or VoIP gateway.

Using an IP paging gateway

An IP paging gateway is simple to set-up. Using the Ethernet port on the IP paging gateway you connect the gateway to your switch. Once the IP paging gateway has an IP address, you can use the web based configuration to set-up the basic settings. You then connect your existing zone controller to the FXO port on the gateway

It is very simple install and makes a clean solution. See the below diagram for a typical for setting up a multiple zone conversion.

Don’t have paging? Maybe you should

Having an efficient paging system is not a top priority for most top management teams. But a properly installed system allows you to quickly communicate with your mobile workers and lessen hold times for internal and external calls.

Also being able to designate a particular zone for a page helps employees realize that they need to pay attention to that message. A great way to make the work flow smoother and your customers will benefit too.


  • Having a paging system in the workplace can make giving and receiving orders/instructions easy. Now, when IP is set-up accordingly, it can optimize the PR system because of its mobility.

  • Yeong

    I have old AT&T pbx system. I want to change my system to VoIP phone. I have also paging system operated by AT&T pbx. Can I find a solution to use old paging system with low cost ? If it is possible, how much would be ?

    Thank you

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