List of 35 41 "BYOD" VoIP Service Providers

October 13, 2008 by Garrett Smith

Last week’s post concerning how to select the right ATA device was well received, but should have included a list of “BYOD” VoIP service providers.

byod voip

What is a “BYOD” service provider? “BYOD” is an acronym which stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. A service provider who does not encypt or otherwise hide their SIP credentials, allowing you to configure virtually any SIP based device for use with their service, qualifies as “BYOD”.

Here’s a list of BYOD providers that I am aware of…I’m sure there are others that I have missed.

VoicePulse Connect
USA Connect

And still more:



  • Fred Posner

    I started using Flowroute a few months ago. Excellent outbound (unlimited channels) with easy integration to asterisk (set your own CID). They also have very good inbound rates, and BYOD, and offer different pricing tiers (nice looking website too). The DIDs available are mostly west coast, however they advise more regions will be added shortly.

  • Steven Johns

    Hi, lets you use any SIP / VoIP Device; ATA / IP Phones / Softphones (Xlite, ZoIPer, SJPhone, Express Talk) / WiFi mobiles / Standard Mobiles using Fring or Nimbuzz.

    They also provide SIP guides for each of these devices aswell as a Free SIP Telephone number so you can receive calls from our Free DID numbers in over 40 countries.

    Steven “Tpad” Johns

  • Jonathan Hansen

    Not sure if this counts, but allow you to use your own telephone. Cell or Landline.

  • Strictly speaking, regular VoicePulse is also BYOD provider. You can Bring Your Own Device (unfortunately, PAP2T only). They will lock one line, and you will have full control of another line. If you cancel the service they will unlock the first line. So, I realize it’s gray area – but I would add them as well!

  • Two services provided by my company, PhoneGnome and Voovox also support BYOD.

    Every PhoneGnome account includes open SIP credentials that can be configured into any ATA to use a free PhoneGnome account on an unlocked ATA to make free and cheap calls and to use other aspects of the PhoneGnome service.

    Also, our sister service, Voovox offers standard SIP-based PSTN termination and origination services and includes SIP settings for use with any unlocked ATA.

  • NeedVOIP?

    If you are a business, big, small, old or new and are interested in learning what VOIP means to your bottom line, navigate to Nicholl Voip. You will then have VOIP service providers bidding on your business. This will save you hours of research time, and get the best pricing available from the highest quality providers. It takes less than a minute, and could save you HUGE, visit us today at Nicholl Voip, you will be glad you did.

  • I am surprised no one recommended Voipgo. Not only do they allow you to BYOD, you can do it at $12.50 a month, with unlimited long distance in North America!

  • Tyler

    Do any of the above providers allow you to use an Asterisk server to send and receive SMS?

  • Rick

    I’m looking for a BYOD service with unlimited calls to Brazil land lines for an affordable fixed monthly price. Reliability is a plus. I have calltopbx now but it’s always down lately..

    moog73 at hotmail dot com


  • I have had success and am very satisfied with I like the fact that I can choose my vendors.

  • Derek

    Another one that belongs on the list: TELTUB (, with their gHome and OfficeTEL services, both of which are BYOD.

  • Great post for the blog & i appreciated your blog and nice information in voip phone service provider blog thanks for the post

  • Skylink Relay allows BYOD and includes setup information on their website.

  • Another BYOD provider:

    VoiceStick is long dead, by the way. 🙂

  • VoIP has helped to increase the ROI of the industry. More and more people have started adapting VoIP technology. Be it a small businessmen or an owner of the huge business empire, more and more businesses makes use of VOIP technology. According to a research conducted in USA more than 9 millions of people are using VOIP systems, for calling and this technology has brought people close globally. The best thing about VoIP system is that there are different kinds of packages available as per your usage and your budget. Generally VoIP Providers, give a “minute-rate” plans, which is just a small value say for just a $30 a month.

  • What exactly is BOYD?Quit simply we can use an already-existing device on your VoIP and SIP service, often resulting in a quick setup and a virtually nonexistent phone system transition period. Needless to say, this type of offering has a lot of advantages, for businesses as well as individuals.

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