Mitel Open Solution SIP Phones for Carlsberg Breweries and Hyatt Hotels

September 18, 2015 by Nathan Miloszewski

mitel 6800 series sip phones banner

If you haven’t heard the latest news, Mitel acquired Ontario, Canada-based Aastra Technologies, an equally well-known VoIP phone manufacturer.

They did this to offer you a complete open communication solution.

But, as part of the merger, some familiar Aastra phones were either discontinued, replaced, or renamed.

All Aastra products at VoIP Supply have been relabeled and transitioned over to the Mitel brand and you can still find the VoIP products that were formerly under the Aastra label by visiting the Mitel VoIP Supply page.

Now Featuring the Open Solution 6800 Series

We’re currently featuring the Mitel 6800 series, a family of powerful and modern SIP Phones offering advanced interoperability with major IP telephony platforms.

All phones in the 6800 series have a sleek and modern industrial design, HD wideband audio, enhanced speakerphone, and superior audio processing for rich and clear hands-free conversations.

From 2-Lines to 24-Lines

From the 2-line Mitel 6863 SIP phone for light call volumes up to the powerful 24-line Mitel 6869 SIP phone with a large color display for executives, you’re sure to find the right Mitel 6800 Series phone for your business needs.

mitel comparison

Click to download Mitel 6800 series brochure/comparison chart

Case Studies: Carlberg Breweries and Hyatt Hotels

Carlsberg has been using Mitel since 1982 – find out why:

The hospitality industry relies heavily on communication, learn more about why Hyatt is using Mitel in nearly 70% of their North American hotels:

For more information about Mitel products available through VoIP Supply, call 800-398-VoIP or browse all Mitel phones here.

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