New SIP PBX Appliance from D-Link – DVX-1000

March 9, 2006 by Garrett Smith

D-Link has developed a SIP based PBX appliance called the DVX-1000

The DVX-1000 fulfills many of the phone system requirements of the SMB market, including popular features such as call forwarding, call hold, find me-follow me, and voicemail. Inbound calls are routed through the integrated auto-attendant and hunt groups to assist callers to their destinations. The DVX-1000 utilizes standard phone lines via an external phone line gateway or cost effective Internet Telephony

One DVX-1000 VoIP PBX appliance can support up to 25 extensions, which can be located in any physical/geographic location provided that location has Internet access. Multiple units can be peered to increase the number of extensions or unite a company that has many locations under a single PBX system. Additional extensions are added via license codes that are obtained via your reseller or directly from D-Link.

The DVX-1000 IP PBX is fully user configurable via a user friendly web configuration tool. The administrator assigns each extension a profile of telephony features, which allows the best match for a users job function. Each user can fine-tune their assigned profile via the web to match their daily business schedule.

In the world of traditional PSTN telecom, conferencing is typically an expensive external hardware or service. The DVX-1000 includes a phone conferencing bridge, which eliminates the need for an external conferencing server or service provider, and adds distinct value to the D-Link offering. Users are able to schedule and invite parties to conferences via a simple web configuration tool. Conference Notifications are sent out by e-mail, which includes the conference phone number and access codes.

The DVX-1000 uses advanced security features to protect your voice network from unauthorized access. To prevent hackers from breaching the system, the DVX-1000 uses MD5 SIP authentication encryption encoder software. The DVX-1000 also includes an integrated firewall for intrusion detection and protection against denial of service attacks.

The DVX-1000 features a fanless solid-state design offering years of non-stop operation. The compact housing can be easily fastened to the wall of your distribution closet or stacked with your existing Ethernet switches or PSTN Gateways. The DVX-1000 is designed with dual processors for supporting up to 25 simultaneous calls. Its class leading performance allows a 1-to-1 extension to phone line mapping, allowing it to scale with your business.

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