New Video Surveillance Calculator

March 11, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

Whether you’re calculating IP camera bandwidth and storage or customizing an IP camera lens selection to meet the challenges of your application, you’d like to know what the end result is going to look like first before making a decision on the products and hardware you’ll be using.

Now, thanks to Gish Technology’s vsCalc you can “instantly calculate Field of View, Angle of View and Focal Length based on the Object of Interest, Visual Acuity Index and Target Distance” for your video surveillance project.

Available for $9.95 from the Apple App Store, the vsCalc™ is capable of determining how sharp the cameras images from a desired scene will be based on objects of interest such as face, license plate, or vehicle.

It provides a reference for identifying usable or unusable image quality based on detection, recognition, and identification.

From Deborah L. O’Mara’s article at

Want to avoid that glazed-over look when trying to explain pixels per foot on target to potential customers? A new software application offers hope.

End users need to know exactly what they will be getting, aka, what the specification will ‘look’ like, with their camera installation but explaining it can be a challenge. A new visual acuity software application from Gish Technology Inc., Indianapolis, a video surveillance consulting and software company, has been about 12 months in the making and now just released.

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