Overview: Algo Device Management Platform

November 17, 2022 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you haven’t heard of Algo’s Device Management Platform (ADMP) yet, now’s your time to discover what it’s all about! Algo and VoIP Supply teamed up to host a webinar to explain all the ins and outs of ADMP and we want to recap the webinar for you in this post!

Click here to download the presentation slides

Algo Device Management Solutions

Algo provides three different device management solutions including Device Web Interface, 8300 On Premise Solution, and ADMP Cloud-Based Solution. 

Here are the key features of each solution:

  1. Device Web Interface
  • All Algo IP Endpoints have an intuitive web interface, accessible via the device IP Address 
  • Common layout across all products 
    • General Status
    • Basic & Advanced Features 
    • Security and Network settings 
  • All configuration settings accessible from web interface 
  • Ability to download/upload pre-saved configuration files to deploy common configuration across multiple devices
  1. 8300 Controller – On Premise Device Management
  • Monitoring Algo devices for in service 
  • Notification via email, SIP call or audible alarm for “offline” conditions 
  • Single pane view of all Algo devices connected to subnet 
  • One-time hardware purchase, no ongoing costs
  1. ADMP Cloud-Based Solution
  • Cloud-based device management solution to manage, monitor, and configure Algo IP endpoints from any location. 
  • Provides device status, including notification should devices go offline (with email notification) 
  • Basic management functionality such as: 
    • Pushing configuration settings 
    • Upgrading device firmware 
    • Troubleshooting devices 
  • Easily organize and view devices with intuitive tagging, filtering and search functionality.

We also want to let you know what’s coming up next with Algo! 

New Devices Coming Soon!

Algo is launching a few new devices to complement audio paging/notification with visual signaling.

  1. IP Display Suite with a 15.6’’ customizable display screen. Available in on or two sided solutions
  2. 8410 *8420 IP Display Speakers with three color LED strobe light, embedded microphone, and web interface to allow for customizable screen display. 
  3. Firmware 5.2 with optional cloud-based device monitoring This is compatible with the ADMP.

Visit our Algo pages to learn more about Algo products!

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