Harrison Study Misses Key Barrier to Consumer VoIP Adoption

April 12, 2006 by Garrett Smith

A Harrison Interactive study released today highlighted the growing awareness of Voice over IP technology within the consumer market place. The study, which featured sections on awareness, reasons to adopt, and barriers to adoption was the result of a survey conducted online between October 12th and the 16th, 2005 involving over 2,200 individuals. Although the study was a great numerical statement of a trend that many of us within the industry already see, the study fell short in one particular area; barriers to adoption.

The number one barrier to consumer VoIP adoption is a lack of broadband internet, not the fact that consumers prefer a landline or a mobile/cell phone. One of the primary reasons the survey did not uncover this fact is that it was it was done online, and I think it is safe to say the vast majority of those participating in paid online surveys are surely already on a broadband internet connection.

Due to the way VoIP service providers are marketing their services as the “low cost alternative” to traditional phone service, VoIP service providers are attracting droves of low-cost consumers, who more than likely have low-cost (read: dial-up) internet service. Because VoIP service requires broadband internet, most of these low-cost consumers are not going to upgrade their internet service and pay more for it, just to save money on their phone bill. Hence the reason why the lack of broadband internet is the largest barrier to consumer adoption of Voice over IP.


April 11, 2006 by Garrett Smith

VoIPSupply.com has recently added the IPEVO line of Skype Certified products to our robust product catalog. The IP EVO Free-1 is a stylish, advanced USB phone specially made for active Skype users.

With lightweight and stylish design, it is a lot more fun using Skype! Programmable buttons provides users with higher level of convenience. It allows users to have better control of Skype and make SkypeOut calls via the keypad. Ten different ring tones alert users of incoming calls. Other functions include volume control, mic mute, speed dial, and LED light indication. Free-1 allows you to contact people around the world for free. The IPEVO FREE-1 comes in both BLACK and WHITE.

The IPEVO FREE-1 retails for $39.95ea. or in a share pack for $69.95.

The IPEVO TOUCH-1 is the first product launched with Skype certification.


It is a corded USB phone which can be easily connected to a computer via USB interface. Skype’s API is built into this USB Phone which allows Skype users to control Skype with unique function buttons and numeric keypad. There are 4 different ring tones build into Touch-1 to alert users of incoming calls, as well as make SkypeOut calls by using the numerical keypad. Other functions include microphone mute, speed dial, and blue LED for status indication. This stylish USB Phone makes calling your Skype friends and colleagues even easier.

Linksys SPA-921 Single Line Sip Phone Now Available

VoIP Supply has just added the latest addition to the Linksys handset product line to it’s online catalog! The Linksys SPA-921, a single line, SIP compatible IP phone is the ideal solution for residential or soho applications utilizing an IP Centrex solution. Stylish and functional in design, the Linksys SPA-921 is also an ideal handset for the service provider, utilizing Linksys’ SPA-9000 PBX platform.

The Linksys SPA-921 leverages industry leading VoIP technology from Linksys to deliver an upgradeable high quality IP phone that is unparalleled in features, value, and support. Standard features on the Linksys SPA-921 include a high resolution graphical display, speakerphone, and a 2.5 mm head-set port.

For more information, or to be one of the first to get their hands on the Linksys SPA-921, call 800.398.VOIP or CLICK HERE.


April 10, 2006 by Garrett Smith

This is the first of many exciting new partnerships that VoIPSupply will be announcing over the next few weeks. We are thrilled to have partnered with Vonage on this initiative and look forward to the continued success of our partnership and the kiosk.


For more information, contact:
Mitchell Slepian
[email protected]

Garrett Smith
VoIP Supply, LLC
[email protected]


Offering its Service in a Mall Kiosk gives Consumers more Options when Seeking a Feature-Rich, Flat-Rate Internet Telephony Plan

Holmdel, NJ, April 10, 2006 – Vonage Marketing, a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp. a leading Internet telephony company, today announced that the company has launched a trial sales run of its devices at a kiosk in the Walden Galleria, Buffalo, N.Y. The kiosk, located on the lower level, adjacent to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Victoria’s Secret will be managed by VoIP Supply, LLC, a division of B2 Technologies, LLC, and a leading supplier of Voice over IP hardware, software, and services.

High-speed Internet customers can sign up for Vonage service by purchasing one of several Vonage-enabled starter kits sold at the kiosk, featuring devices from but not limited to Linksys, VTech and Uniden. Devices configured with Vonage’s phone service include telephone adaptors (TA), wired and wireless routers with TAs and broadband enabled cordless phone systems. Consumers who sign up with Vonage will be able to make unlimited calls throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for $24.99 per month. Vonage offers its retail customers a $50 to $60 mail-in-rebate after 60 days in service. The rebate amount varies based upon which device is purchased.

“The launch of Vonage’s Internet telephony products in the VoIP Supply kiosk in the Walden Galleria is a great opportunity for us, as it will allow us to further develop our retail sales channel,” stated Philip Giordano, vice president of Sales and Business Development of Vonage Marketing. “We are looking forward to this sales offering in an untapped market. Vonage’s service sold in a mall kiosk now offers consumers another outlet to purchase services making Internet telephony more readily available to the general consumer market.”

“A key to greater consumer acceptance of Internet telephony is consumer education about the benefits of the technology,” stated Garrett Smith, Director of Business Development at VoIPSupply.com. “This kiosk allows consumers to speak with representatives who can answer questions and respond to any misconceptions about internet telephony. This is something no advertisement or mailer can effectively deliver on.”

About Vonage®
Vonage is a pioneer in the Internet telephony industry. Vonage’s award winning service is sold on the web and through national retailers. Vonage Holdings Corp. is headquartered in Holmdel, New Jersey. For more information about Vonage’s products and services, please visit http://www.vonage.com or call 1-VONAGE-HELP. Vonage(R) is a trademark of Vonage Marketing, a subsidiary of Vonage Holdings Corp.

About VoIPSupply.com
VoIPSupply.com is the leading supplier for Voice over IP hardware, software, and services. In addition to a comprehensive selection of IP phones, Analog Telephone Adaptors, Media Gateways, networking equipment and software platforms, the company offers provisioning and fulfillment, custom configuration, technical support, extended warranties and logistical services for end-to-end customer solutions. For additional information on VoIPSupply.com, please contact Garrett Smith at 716.250.3408.

Vegastream Ships New Vega 50 6X4 Flexible Analog VoIP Gateways

April 5, 2006 by Garrett Smith

Vegastream Ships New Vega 50 6X4

VoIP Gateway vendor Vegastream has begun shipment of their new Vega 50 6X4 Series Analog VoIP Gateway.

The Vega 50 6×4 enables enterprises and service providers to connect sites with a legacy of mixed analog and digital applications to the IP network via a single, cost effective and manageable The Vega 50 6×4 connects a range of legacy telephony equipment, including PBX’s, ISDN telephones, ISDN, analog phones and the PSTN to IP networks.

The Vega 50 6×4 supports up to 24 analog ports, up to 16 basic rate ISDN channels on 8 interfaces or a mixture of port types and capacities.

The Vega50 6×4 is available factory configured in a number of different configurations, other configurations are available to special order.The following gateway configurations are available as standard:

  • 4 FXS + 2 FXO
  • 8 FXS + 2 FXO
  • 24 FXS + 2 FXO
  • 8 BRI Channels (4 interfaces)
  • 8 BRI Channels (4 interfaces) + 4 FXO

VegaStream’s VoIP gateways enable service providers and business customers to rapidly deploy and profit from lower telephony costs and improved productivity across their organisations’ HQs and remote offices.

The award winning Vega gateways are based on international communications standards, including SIP and H.323 to deliver an open and non-proprietary VoIP solution that can be seamlessly integrated alongside existing communications investments.

Established in 1998, VegaStream operates globally with sales and support centres in Europe (Bracknell, UK), America (California) and Asia-Pacific (Sydney, Australia). VegaStream investors include MTI Partners, Pace Micro Technology and VegaStream management.

VegaStream’s mission is to enable seamless interoperability between the wide and varied range of proprietary telephone systems and the new IP networks.
As one of the earliest suppliers of VoIP gateways supporting SIP, VegaStream’s portfolio of gateways are recognized as best-in-class SIP VoIP gateways for products such as Nortel Networks MCS5100, MCS5200 and Siemens OpenScape.

VegaStream’s partners with other VoIP technology leaders in areas such as voice recognition, and IP mobility to enable connectivity between their products and traditional PSTN networks. The company’s products are deployed by global service provider networks such as Primus Communications and Orbitel and demanding end-users such as the US Navy.

VegaStream products are sold through a network of systems integrators and service providers where they are becoming commonplace within mainstream enterprise networks to reduce the cost of everyday business VoIP communications.

Polycom IP4000 $100 Mail in Rebate Available at VoIPSupply.com

April 4, 2006 by Garrett Smith

Polycom has extended the $100 Mail In Rebate on it’s Soundstation IP 4000 SIP conference phone at VoIPSupply.com.

The Polycom Soundstation IP4000 provides a superior yet intuitive IP voice conferencing experience based on your new or existing IP network – all with professional sound quality that you expect from Polycom. The SoundStation IP4000 is your future-proff choice for IP communications becuase it is feild upgradeable so as standards develop and protocols evolve, there is no need to replace the phones you buy today.

New Executive Appointments at VoIPSupply.com

April 3, 2006 by Garrett Smith

VoIPSupply.com, a leading reseller of Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware, continues to grow and expand its team of experienced management personnel. Several new hires and promotions are being announced and are effective immediately.

Buffalo, March 30, 2006
— VoIP Supply, LLC a leading reseller of Voice over IP (VoIP) hardware, software, and service has announced the following new hires and appointments at their Cheektowaga headquarters.

Brett Crandall has been promoted from VP of Sales to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). In his new position, Crandall will be responsible for overseeing quality control, order fulfillment, employee/HR matters, and developing internal systems and business processes.

Christopher Robinson has been promoted from the Systems Administrator to the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO). In his new position, Robinson will be responsible for the continued development and implementation of standard and custom provisioning, Level 2 technical support, custom software development, network administration and maintenance to VoIPSupply.com’s on-line stores and discussion forums.

Garrett Smith has been promoted from Sales Manager to the position of Director of Business Development. In his new position, Smith will be responsible for the development and implementation of new business growth initiatives, partnering strategies, and marketing.

David Schneider, MBA has been hired as Vice President of Sales. In this capacity, Schneider will be responsible for doubling the current sales staff of twelve over the next nine months and working to exceed the company’s aggressive sales goals. Mr. Schneider comes to us after seven years in pharmaceutical sales and training.

Karen Hardy has been hired as Customer Service Manager. In this capacity, Karen will be responsible for expanding and refining the customer service department to continue to uphold the company’s “Value First” service. Ms. Hardy comes to us after twenty years of customer service and management within HP.

About VoIPSupply.com
VoIPSupply.com is the largest dedicated source for Voice over IP products and services. In addition to a comprehensive selection of IP phones, networking equipment and software platforms, the company offers provisioning and fulfillment, custom configuration, technical support, extended warranties and logistical services for end-to-end customer solutions. For additional information on VoIPSupply.com, please contact Garrett Smith at 716.250.3408.

Interviews & Information
For additional information on VoIP Supply, LLC, or to schedule an interview, please contact Garrett Smith at 716-250-3408.

Free Rhino T1/E1 PCI Card at VoIPSupply.com

From now until April 15th, VoIPSupply.com, in conjunction with Rhino Equipment, is offering customers a Free Rhino T1/E1 PCI card when you purchase a Rhino 24 Port Channel Bank!

The Rhino T1/E1 PCI card offers the following:

* Asterisk soft PBX tested and ready
* Zaptel compliant open source module source code included
* T1/E1 – PRI/ISDN embedded CSU
* Line buildout software selectable
* Custom Rhino PCI interface chip means no wasted CPU overhead
* Fractional voice and data capable
* Zttool compliant interface
* Field software upgradable
* T1 crossover cable included
* Alarm and Link status LEDs visible from the rear bracket
* E&M, PRI, Loop, Ground, Kewl, etc, signaling protocols
* Distinctive ring in Loop start mode
* Caller ID enabled in Loop start mode
* 5-year limited warranty
* Unlimited Support

CSU Features:

* All Rhino PCI T1 cards feature a single chip integrated CSU with both LIU and Framer, that is software controlled and software programmable – no jumpers
* Complete T1/DS1/ISDN-PRI/J1 Transceiver Functionality
* Long-Haul and Short-Haul Line Interface for Clock/Data Recovery and Waveshaping
* Crystal-Less Jitter Attenuator
* Fully Independent Transmit and Receive Functionality
* Single chip line interface unit (LIU) and Framer
* Power Consumption: Maximum power consumption (under full load) will not exceed 100W.

Zaptel Selections

* T1: D4 or ESF, AMI or B8ZS
* Line buildout selections: 0-133 feet or 0db, 133-266 feet, 266-399 feet, 399-533 feet, 533-655 feet, -7.5db, -15db, -22.5db
* Loopback modes under software selection (zttool)

Rhino products are tough. In the rare case of trouble, our technical support staff is ready to give you the support you need, when you need it. Our 5-year limited warranty means that you can be confident that Rhino will always work hard and work well in your T1 application.

The VoIPSupply.com Blog

Hello Everyone!

I would like to welcome you to the newest addition of
www.voipsupply.com, our blog. This blog represents the latest improvement to our online super store. The purpose of this blog is three fold:

1. To Inform you of new product additions to www.voipsupply.com.

2. To release news and notes about www.voipsupply.com.

3. To write about issues, events, and trends that are shaping the VoIP industry.

It is our hope that this blog will serve as an effective way to communicate with you, our customers, partners, and industry colleagues so that all of you can stay up to date on the happenings at 254 and 454 Sonwil Drive. We thank all of you for your support and look forward to continuing to work with you!

All the best,


New entry-level VoIP telephone snom 300 works against eavesdroppers, data theft and spam

March 31, 2006 by Garrett Smith

Category: Press Release, German Article
February 1st, 2006

snom technology AG to show the new SIP-based VoIP telephone snom 300 for secure use in SMEs and home offices at the CeBIT and Spring VON 2006

CeBIT 2006, Hanover, 9th-15th March 2006 (Hall 12, Stand D57)

Spring VON 2006, San Jose (CA), 14th-17th March 2006 (Stand 1534)

The new starter model of the snom VoIP telephone family, the snom 300, is all about user friendliness and security. Six free, user- or administrator-configurable (or carrier-preconfigurable) function keys can easily be allocated to security-related menu functions, or assigned to multiple lines. The snom 300 comes factory-equipped so that two of its six programmable keys can be configured as line appearances, and upgrades are available from snom that lets you configure (up to) all six function keys this way – flexible enough to suit the needs of every user.

“Due to its rapid growth, Internet Telephony is becoming increasingly enticing for illegal eavesdroppers, data thieves and advertising calls; so with the snom 300 we have placed particular emphasis on security features like SRTP and SIPS,” stresses sales and marketing director Dr. Michael Knieling. “It is precisely in the price segment around 100 Euros that most VoIP telephones are lacking effective protection mechanisms like these.”

In addition, the snom 300 offers all necessary office functionality, e.g. choice of trunk line, status indicator, group lines, busy option and call-pickup. High audio quality, ease of use and interoperability make the snom 300 highly suitable for SMEs, home offices, private users or ISP applications.

Most important features:

Two-line display (2 x 16 characters)

27 keys, 7 LEDs

6 programmable function keys

2 Ethernet ports

2 multi-line registration, or option of 6

Headset connection


Security: SIPS/SRTP


Codecs: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, G.726, GSM

Photographs to download: http://www.snom.com/press_download.html

About snom:

snom is recognized for its high quality Voice over IP (VoIP) business telephones. Our customers are companies who use interoperable technologies for their enterprise communications. Together with our partners, snom offers solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership, maximize the overall return on investment into telephony infrastructure, and make our customers independent from a single vendor. Founded in 1996 and based in Berlin, the company was amongst the first to adopt the session initiation protocol (SIP), which today is recognized as “the” future telecommunication standard. snom is privately held and incorporated under German law.

press contacts:

snom technology AG

Maria Schnake

Gradestr. 46

D-12347 Berlin

Tel: +49 30 39833-103

Fax: +49 30 39833-111

[email protected]


Maja Schneider

PR für die Informationstechnologie

Tel: +49 30 79708771

Fax: +49 30 79708987

[email protected]




John Jainschigg

3943 47th Street

Sunnyside, NY 11104

Tel: 718-701-4106

Mobile: 917-405-3116

Fax: 718-504-6125

[email protected]


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