Patton’s SN500 Mini eSBC Overview: Smart, Secure, and Powerful!

December 18, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

Are you using an SBC to protect your phone system? One question we hear from our customers frequently is “Is an SBC necessary?” “What if I have firewalls already?” In this month’s Patton webinar, we explained in detail why an SBC is needed and how to take advantage of Patton’s latest Mini eSBC SN500. If you missed our webinar, don’t miss out on this quick webinar recap!

Click here to download Patton’s webinar slides

Firewall vs SBC – What are the differences?

You may think having a firewall is enough to protect your communication system; the fact is, firewalls are not optimized for VoIP systems and there are shortfalls. Overall, firewalls:

  • Are not optimized for data traffic
  • Don’t have enough performance for small voice packets
  • Don’t support and recognize SIP and RTP traffic
  • Don’t prevent eavesdropping
  • Don’t protect you from hackers who commit tool fraud by hijacking a device and placing unauthorized long-distance calls.

On the other hand, an eSBC can defend against:

  • Toll fraud
    • Back-to-back user agent
    • Advanced call routing security
  • Denial of service
    • Trusted peer – whitelist
    • SIP packet flooding prevention
  • Eavesdropping – encryption (TLS/SRTP)
  •  Truly converged voice and data security

Now let’s look at how Patton’s latest solution, SN500, can do for your business:

Patton’s SN500 Mini eSBC Overview

Patton’s SN500 is the smallest eSBC in the world! This little device can handle 4 to 30 simultaneous calls (ideal for SOHO). It is built to strengthen communication security, normalization, call status monitoring, and more!

Key features:

  • Smallest form factor
  • Up to 30 simultaneous calls
  • Back-to-back user agent
  • Call quality monitoring through Patton Cloud
  • SIP Related benefits include:
    • Security
    • Normalization
    • Call status and quality monitoring
    • Zero-touch provisioning

Why Patton’s SN500?

  • Simplifies VoIP deployments
  • Increases SIP service quality
  • Reduces installation time
  • Higher customer satisfaction and better customer retention
  • More control over service for ITSP
  • Better tools for technical support

Call one of our VoIP consultants today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more details!

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