Q&A: Loud Working Environments That Need Broadcast Messages to Employees

July 21, 2021 by Mary Cheney

With many businesses updating their infrastructure, they are looking not only to update phones but also their paging and security systems. One question that comes up a lot is, “we need to be able to notify our employees that work in a loud warehouse or call center type environments, do you have any products that will do that?” The simple answer is, yes! 

If you work in a loud environment such as a manufacturing warehouse or a call center where people are constantly talking, then you are going to want to invest in an IP paging amplifier. What’s great about most of these products is that they will also allow you to link a new system to a legacy system!

Let’s take a look at a couple of products that can help you address this need.

CyberData SIP-enabled Paging Amplifier 011324

This amplifier is a Power over Ethernet (802.3at) loud paging device and will also amplify the sound of your ringer. This particular product is great to place in between a legacy and new VoIP system. You are able to autoprovision the CyberData SIP-enabled Paging Amplifier 011324 via HTTPS and you can configure it to give you real-time device health and status monitoring. 

Below you can see a diagram of a typical installation for this device. Another great thing about working with CyberData devices is that they are TAA compliant!

Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2)

Now let’s take a look at the Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter (G2). Again, this product is great for connecting an existing system to a new system and is ideal to be used in very loud environments such as warehouses, workshops, restaurants and machine shops to ensure your employees are hearing important notifications and information.

One really cool feature that this product has to offer is the SoundSure technology which automatically adjusts loud ring and paging volume to compensate for background ambient noise.

Take a look at the use case scenario below! 

So we hope this helps you out when looking for devices that will help to amplify your notifications in those loud environments. VoIP Supply has great relationships with CyberData and Algo and we are happy to help with any additional questions that might come up when you are designing your new system. Be sure to ask a lot of questions when redoing or adding to your existing system so you don’t end up with the wrong devices.

Leave a comment below or reach out to us at 800-398-8647!

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