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Algo 8180

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Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter

The Algo 8180 is a SIP Audio Alerter for IP Paging network devices. The 8180 is equipped with a high efficiency integrated amplifier and high quality loudspeaker, making it up to 8 times louder than a telephone speaker. This SIP Audio Alerter is perfect for variable noise environments such as warehouses, workshops, restaurants, and machine shops.

Algo 8180 Overview

The 8180 SIP audio alerter is a SIP compliant PoE network audio device for loud ring and voice paging applications using dual endpoints. When registered with a SIP server, one endpoint will play an audio file from internal memory upon ring detection. The second endpoint will auto-answer for voice paging, complete with two-way talkback. The advanced features of the 8180 include SoundSure technology which automatically adjusts loud ring and paging volume to compensate for background ambient noise. That way you hear the ring or page, but it's not overly loud.

Outputs for experts speaker, slave amplifier, or visual alerter plus multicasting capability enable many more options to enhance notification and alert capabilities. Configuration is possible using the feature buttons or web interface.

Algo 8180 Features and Functions

  • Network managed SIP endpoint
  • Dual purpose loud ringing and/or talkback voice paging
  • Significantly louder (eight to twenty times) than typical telephones
  • Low frequency tones outperform traditional shrill electronic ringers
  • SoundSureā„¢ ambient noise compensation adjusts output for noise level
  • Selectable/customizable alert tones or announcements
  • PoE eliminates local power supply
  • Multicasting capability for wide area notification
  • SoundSure ambient noise compensation to automatically adjust output level
  • Voice Paging with talkback capability
  • High efficiency and high output wideband speaker
  • Pre-loaded with several ringtones including bell, chime, gong, buzzer, warble, and dogs
  • Supports custom uploaded WAV files or recorded messages
  • Multicast receive or broadcast capability
  • Outputs for external speaker, slave amplifier, or visual alerter
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Loud Ringer in noisy or variable noise environments (classroom, restaurant, machine shop)
  • Voice Paging (warehouse, workshop)
  • Outdoor ringing or paging with optional 1185 horn speaker
  • Multicast wide area mass notification
  • SIP interface with ambient noise compensation for existing speaker(s) or analog input paging amplifier
  • Visual notification in quiet areas (church,hospital, theater)

8180 SIP Audi Alerter
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Algo 8180

Brian Hyrek

Direct: 866-583-0815

Why Pay $299.00 for the Algo 8180?

  • Loud Ringer

  • Voice Paging

  • Multicast wide area notification

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Questions on Algo 8180

From Clint at 1/8/2017 7:00 PM

Q: I am looking to integrate a paging system to our current phone system. Can I do that with these speakers? I want anyone to be able to page the school from their phones in the classrooms and offices and be heard through out the school such as shop areas and common areas.

A: Hi Clint,

This has a PoE RJ-45 port for connection. No anaog or 2.5/2/3 audio jacks. This will work on an IP network.

Please contact our sales experts to further assist you! We have a solution for that!


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