Q&A: Which Podcast Episode Should I Listen To?

November 22, 2023 by rjohnson

You’ve got questions. VoIP Supply has the answers. Let us help you through your journey of choosing the right products and solutions for you and your business as well as keep you informed of all things VoIP!

Q: I’m looking to find the latest technology for schools, supermarkets, warehouses, or retail spaces. I have multiple hallways and various spaces that require more than just multicast speakers. What should I be considering?

A: Listen to the Episode: Dan Marchetto of CyberData Talks Hybrid Paging. You’ll learn about the CyberData SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier, an analog/IP hybrid, cost-effective paging solution. You can use either CyberData’s or your own existing 70V, 25V, constant voltage speakers, and/or CyberData multicast endpoints in a VoIP environment.

Q: I heard about the new management console with 3CX’s Version 20 and I am wondering what additional recent changes and updates come with this new and exciting Version 20?

A: Check out the Episode: Greg Garrett of 3CX Returns where you’ll preview 3CX Version 20, including the ability to handle large installations of up to 8,000 extensions, two new APIs – one on the configuration side and one on the client side, and much more customizable reporting tools as well.

Q: I’d like to find a display speaker that is right for education, hospitals, or warehouse environments. I need to display messages, hear messages loud and clear with HD audio quality, and offer visuals with LED flashers.

A: The Episode: Ryan Zoehner of Algo Returns will introduce you to the Algo 8410 Single-sided IP Display Speaker and the Algo 8420 Dual-sided IP Digital Display Speaker. These speakers offer the three high-quality elements you are looking for with the best technology from Algo.

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