How To Choose Conference Phones for Remote Learning

November 20, 2015 by Nathan Miloszewski

Revolabs conference phones for distance learning

Note: This is a guest post by Victoria Zona, Senior Channel Sales Manager, Revolabs

Distance learning has become increasingly pervasive in both corporate America and at educational institutions.

Academic institutions are all adding programs to accommodate remote students and are now offering on-line degrees.

To save money, many corporations are remotely training branch office employees on the policies and procedures bringing distance learning to corporate workplaces.

Clear Audio Maintains Focus, Increases Comprehension, Reduces Fatigue

Many times the voice quality in remote learning environments is unintelligible. Poor sound quality makes it difficult for the student to understand the material presented, and reduces their active participation.

Our industry has made great strides to improve video quality during distance learning sessions, but crystal-clear audio is even more important to keep students’ focus, increase comprehension, and prevent classroom fatigue.

Typically, there’s no technical person on hand to monitor and support the remote learning session. Therefore, having an audio solution that is simple to use and easy to setup is key.


Poor sound quality makes it difficult for the student to understand the material presented, and reduces their active participation.


How to Choose Audio Devices for Distance Learning

Here are some tips to consider when choosing an audio product for distant learning:

Seek out an audio solution that provides superior audio pickup and speaker quality so users on both the near and far end of the room can hear every word.

360° Coverage

Deploy a device that has full 360° coverage of audio capture, incorporates integrated acoustic echo cancellation, and supports full duplex audio to enhance comprehension and conversational flow.

Strong Speaker, External Connections

The speaker output on the device needs to be loud enough for the participants in the room to hear, or allows connections to external speakers to amplify the sound level in the room.

BYOD Compatible

If bring your own device (BYOD) program is supported, make sure the audio conferencing device is software-agnostic and connects via standard PC, tablet or mobile communications channels.

Cloud Compatibility

For cloud based conferencing solutions, verify that the audio conferencing device supports multiple communication applications.

Ask a VoIP Supply Representative about Revolabs audio conferencing solutions for distance learning.

We have a range of products to fit every environment, offering unmatched audio quality that allows users to hear every word.

Author Bio

Victoria Zona Revolabs

Victoria Zona
Senior Channel Sales Manager, North America, Revolabs
Victoria Zona has more than 20 years of experience in channel sales. In addition, she was also recognized as a CRN Channel Chief for 2014. At Revolabs she is responsible for directing and managing the North America DMR channel. Connect with Victoria on LinkedIn and Twitter

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