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Revolabs Wireless Conference Phones


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About Revolabs

Cut the cord with the Revolabs FLX, the only wireless VoIP conference phone on the market today. Revolabs, headquartered in Sudbury, MA, is the premier provider of wireless audio solutions. Now Revolabs is bringing their revolutionary technology to small and medium sized conference rooms, executive offices, or your home office.

This is not the traditional conference phone that you’re used to. A dual-purpose solution, the Revolabs FLX wireless VoIP conferencing system eliminates the need to have two separate phones for your desktop and conference room. The included wireless FLX dialer is used to dial and receive conference calls plus it acts just like a standard telephone handset for private calls.

Because everything with the FLX is wireless you can enjoy placing the speaker, microphones, and dialer where they make the most sense in the room. This will provide a more natural conference setting because the FLX system is not a singular device and instead comprised of several separate components.

Plus you can take advantage of mobility with your choice of directional, omnidirectional, or wearable interchangeable wireless microphones. Place one mic on the conference table and allow the presenter to roam freely with the wearable mic while still being able to be heard even if they’re facing a whiteboard.

Why buy Revolabs ?

  • Wireless microphones, speaker, and handset provide high ROI with flexible setup.
  • Choice of microphone combinations covers all uses you can imagine.
  • Bluetooth enabled and support for audio, video, and IP conferencing.
Revolabs Wireless Conference Phones