The Mobotix T24 Door Station IP Camera is a unique product.  Fully weatherproof and rated for outdoor use, this IP camera acts like a sentry to guard and grant access to your entrance way and you don’t even need to physically be there to monitor or interact with people.

Because it’s IP-based and the way it’s designed, you can access the T24’s functions from anywhere you are with a video phone, a computer, or a tablet/iPad.

And with its hemispheric lens that captures a 180 degree, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling panoramic view, no one can sneak by without you seeing them plus:

  • Two-way video conversation from anywhere in the world.
  • Record with sound.
  • Keyless entry option and remotely open doors.

For a great write-up and detailed review of this door camera I urge you to check out Chris Jager’s post, Mobotix unveils security door camera that can be accessed anywhere in the world, on PC & Tech Authority:

[The Mobotix T24] comes equipped with an integrated doorbell and light-up buttons, is weather-proof and conforms to the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP and H.264. The door station works in conjunction with an IP video phone, which controls the camera, door locks, lights and video recordings.

When the doorbell rings, an encrypted network connection is established with a VoIP video phone, PC or tablet device; allowing the owner to interact with the person on ther doorstep from anywhere in the world.



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  1. Why do you urge readers to check out Chris Jagers post? It’s a very poor review, it does not have any tests or comment on actual usage. The post appears to be written based on product data published by Mobotix. Nathan, you loose credibility from me for posting and urging the reader to visit this link.

  2. Your entitled to your opinion of Jager’s post. I just felt that for the average user it read clear and concise (unlike some product data sheets) and had a couple decent real world pictures.

    That’s all.

  3. Please, let me know if Mobitix T24 or any other Mobitix hemispheric camera can the access from ACTi NVR in panoramic or quard view