SIP Chats: Dan Marchetto of CyberData Returns

November 8, 2023 by Steve Lopian

Join us as we welcome back our friend Dan Marchetto of CyberData! In this latest episode of SIP Chats, Dan will discuss the new groundbreaking technology that has emerged from CyberData Headquarters and more! The new CyberData SIP Paging 25V/70V Amplifier 011579 is not only exclusive to CyberData, but it is also a total game-changer for ease of setup, cost savings and so much more!

So tune in and learn all about this new technology and how it can fit into sectors like Hospitality, Education, government, and so much more! Not only does Dan cover the specifics of this new product, but he also has one on hand to show you so you have an exact idea of the look and feel if the new device.

Are you considering utilizing this new technology from CyberData? Let us know in the comments below!

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