The Future of Meetings: Grandstream’s Video Conferencing Solutions

December 11, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

As more physical conference rooms transformed into web meeting rooms, we are seeing tremendous growth in headset and webcam markets. 

In this month’s Grandstream webinar, we are excited to introduce Grandstream’s new video conferencing solutions that help businesses adapt to the new world! We looked at how communication needs changed for several major industries including education, health care, call center and more. Here’s an overview:

Download the presentation slides here to learn more

The New Trends – What each industry is looking for

  • Business & Remote Workers: 
    • Noise-canceling headsets
    • Webcams with HD quality video
    • External webcams (more secure)
    • Mounting flexibility
    •  Headset & Webcam bundles for remote workers
  • Education
    • Tools for busy home environments 
    • Bundles: headsets + webcams +Chromebook 
    • Colleges – Virtual classes popular pre-COVID
  • Health Care
    • Telehealth market expected to grow 700% by the end of 2025
    • Doctors and nurses need to maximize the experience 
    • Devices for virtual visits from home 
    • Bundles for hospitals, doctors’ offices, specialty medical firms

Grandstream Headsets

  • GUV 3050 Bluetooth Headset: Wireless headset with HD audio and noise cancelling. The GUV 3050 comes with adjustable headbands and 12-hour talk time for all-day use!
  • GUV3000 & GUV3005 Headsets: These two are 2.0 USB headsets with HD audio and noise cancelling. Both headsets have in-line controls for quick setting adjustments 

Grandstream Web Cameras and Video Conferencing Devices

  • GUV3100 Web Camera: A full HD 1080P personal webcam that supports USB 2.0 connection for plug-and-play setup. It is compatible with all major third-party platforms, apps and softphones.
  • GUV3212 Conferencing Device: A simple device that works perfectly with IPVideoTalk Meetings. It provides full HD video up to 1080p, built-in dual microphones with 3-meter pickup range, echo cancellation, background noise suppression, and more advanced features!

Stay on top of the VoIP trends with VoIP Supply! Visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more about the Grandstream products.

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