UCM6300 Vs. UCM6300A: How to Choose Your Ideal Grandstream PBX

October 27, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

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Don’t get left behind! Grandstream’s UCM6200 Series is going end of life (EOL) and it’s time for you to transition to the UCM6300 Series with the newer version of Asterisk for more features and capabilities! 

Grandstream’s UCM6300 Vs UCM6300A: What are the differences?

While both series come with improved hardware and advanced features; only the UCM6300 Series supports both audio and video conferencing features. 

To help you choose the right model you need, here are a few questions to consider:

  • How many users do you need?
  • How many concurrent calls?
  • Do you need video conferencing capabilities?
  • How many FXO/ FXS?

Check out a comparison chart below to see what features each model provides.

View the Grandstream UCM6300 Series

View the Grandstream UCM6300 Audio Series

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