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April 3, 2009 by Garrett Smith

Note: See more updated blog post here: Best Conference Phones for Different Room Sizes (Infographic)
No so long ago you didn’t have much of an option when it came to an IP based conference phone. You either got a Polycom or you IP enabled an analog conference phone with a VoIP adapter.

Over the last few months this has changed. A number of new IP conference phones have hit the market, much to the delight of many of you.

But with an influx of choice comes a bit of added complexity in purchasing the right IP conference phone. So in order to help you make better purchasing decisions, here’s a quick round-up of the top IP conference phones on the market today.

Best VoIP Conference Phones

Polycom IP6000 ($649.95) – It should come as no surprise that Polycom is at the top of the list. The Polycom IP6000 features Polycom’s stunning HD Voice,  built-in Power over Ethernet, easy to read LCD screen and a full keypad. And yes, it’s SIP based.

ClearOne Max IP ($499.95) – From perennial runner-up ClearOne comes the MAX IP. While the MAX IP doesn’t boast the same HD quality calling experience as the IP6000, it’s got a recession friendly price tag that resonates with small medium business customers who value solid performance at an affordable price.

Polycom IP7000 ($849.95) – If you’re looking to impress the chief executive or put the final touches on your already pimped out offices you’ll want the Polycom IP7000. Sporting an sleek upgraded design, a large LCD screen, Power over Ethernet and HD voice the Polycom IP7000 is the cream of the conference phone crop (but it’s also the most expensive).

Konftel 300IP ($764.15) – First spotted at the last Internet Telephony Expo, the 300IP is the first pure IP conference phone offering from the Swedish company. Sporting wideband voice quality thanks to their patented OmniSound 2.0 technology the 300IP has many a customer talking. With a pleasant design, Power over Ethernet and the ability to record conference calls the 300IP is a winner.

snom MeetingPoint ($799.00) – Look familiar? It should. The snom MeetingPoint is actually OEM’d by Konftel. Sporting the same features and benefits of the Konftel 300IP, snom’s MeetingPoint is the perfect choice for snom fans.

Cisco CP-7937G ($899.95) – We couldn’t leave out Cisco fans. The Cisco CP-7937G delivers the same powerful feature set as the Polycom IP7000, but utilizes Cisco’s proprietary SCCP protocol. If your a Cisco UC500 or Call Manager user this is the utlimate conference phone solution for you.


  • Looks can be deceiving.

    Beware that the Snom Meetingpoint has a Snow firmware inside. So in effect you get the best from two excellent manufacturers.

    This also warrants the higher price on the Snom edition.

  • Garrett Smith


    Great catch. Thanks for mentioning that!

  • Ty Alge

    When will Cisco 7937G phones become SIP enabled or when would the SIP firmware for this phone be released?

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