Watch now: Algo 8420 Dual-sided IP Display Speaker Configuration & Product Feature Video

September 19, 2023 by Steve Lopian

The highly anticipated 8420 Dual-sided Display Speaker from Algo is finally here and is stunning. This all-purpose display speaker has a wide range of functionality with an unmatched ease of use. Our latest technical video takes you from opening the box to having it up and running.

Watch as we take you through the Algo 8420 web GUI and Algo Device Management Platform (ADMP) and test features like scrolling text, changing light colors, testing alarms, and so much more! By the time you’re done enjoying this video, you will be ready to have your Algo 8420 up and running in no time!

I also have to note that after testing out the features of the device, I feel like it is a must-have for any school, university, hospital, or warehouse. Whether you need to alert for an emergency, send out reminders, or celebrate an event, the Algo 8420 has got you covered.

Are you currently using the Algo 8420? If so, we want to hear your thoughts! Leave us a comment below!

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