What is the Max Wattage Consumption for Polycom VVX310 and VVX410?

July 27, 2016 by Ying-Hui Chen

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What is the Max Wattage Consumption for Polycom VVX310 and 410?

Q: Could you please tell me what the max Wattage consumption is for both Polycom VVX310 and VVX410 please? I need to connect approximately 50 phones up via PoE. Do you have a switch recommendations to accommodate this scenario?

A: VVX 310 PoE is either 24 v or 48 v and VVX410 PoE is 48v.

0.25a=12watts x 50 nodes = 600 watts Each port on the switch should be 48 v. I would suggest the Cisco 300 which can support up to 52 ports.

Q: Do you know if all of the ports are PoE and what that max wattage is?

A: Yes, you can get two flavors, PoE (48 port) 2 Combo mini-GBIC or non-PoE (48 port) 2 combo mini-GBIC.

Power consumption with PoE (74 w PoE – Supported = 48 ports). Each switch port of 48v = 12 watts. 12 x 48 PoE = 576w. So 576w would be for only 48 phones. I stand corrected below.

110V = 873.05W = Total

220V = 843.57W = Total (worst case wattage if needed)

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  • On your site you answer the question of, ‘What is the Max Wattage Consumption for Polycom VVX310 and VVX410?’ and below you state;

    ‘0.15a=12watts x 50 nodes = 600 watts…’ , however, a 48volt power supply at 0.15amps is 7.2watts to be 12watts the ampage would have to be 0.25.

    You may want to correct this for other, future readers.

  • John Taylor

    A typical POE port cannot power a Polycom VVX 411 with a color expansion module. What power supply do you have that is 25 watts or more? Suppose you have 2 expansion modules, what power supply is available to power the phone and the 2 expansion modules?

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