What’s New with Xorcom Multi-Tenant PBX?

June 6, 2019 by Ying-Hui Chen

If you have been following our VoIP Insider posts, you would know that Xorcom has been relentlessly improving their Multi-Tenant PBX to better serve their users. This time, Xorcom introduced security improvements, One-Click apps, and Complete Concierge for Multi-Tenant PBX MT Manager. Let’s check out these exciting new updates:

Improved Security

  • It is now possible to define a whitelist of IP addresses.
  • Web access to the MT Manager will only be allowed from those IP addresses.
  • All other addresses will be blocked.
  • Leaving the whitelist empty will allow the system to be accessed from any IP address.
  • It is highly recommended to always set the whitelist and not allow access from any IP address.

One-Click Apps

With a single click, you are able to install and activate apps for your tenant PBX easily and quickly.

  • Apps tab was added to Tenant settings (Tenants -> Edit button).
  • Each available app has an on/off toggle that allows the administrator to activate the app for that specific tenant.
  • In case it is a paid app the user will get an indication of that fact and what the payment is based on
  • The charge for the paid apps is dynamic based on usage.
  • The apps can be turned off at any time by the MT Manager administrator.
  • Once an app is activated, an icon will indicate the app in the Tenants dialogue:

Complete Concierge

Hotel PMS-PBX interface are now added to MT Manager as a one-click app for tenant PBX!

  • Complete Concierge hotel PMS interface is now available as a one-click app for tenant PBX.
  • The system is licensed on a per-room basis with no upfront cost.
  • Once activated by the MT Manager admin, the PBX admin will be able to see and edit the Hospitality module details.

Learn more details on Xorcom’s webpage here!

How’s your experience on Xorcom’s multi-tenant PBX? Are you benefitting from these new software improvements? We would love to hear from you!

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