10 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

May 30, 2017 by Ying-Hui Chen

10-questions-to-askChoosing a VoIP service provider is not an easy task. To select the right VoIP service that you won’t regret, you will have to answer some questions regarding your application such as calling habits, your location, your budget, and the knowledge of your technical staff. Let me share with you the 10 must-ask questions you need to know when selecting a VoIP service provider!


10 Questions to Ask Your VoIP Service Provider

#1 Are you providing a premise or hosted service?

A managed (hosted) service provider reduces your resources and responsibilities while the premise option simply provides the voice network and you administer your own network.

#2 What hardware options are available for my hosted service?

Understand what kind of devices you and your employees need and make sure your service provider has the hardware selection options you want.

#3 What kind of customer service support do you have?

Seek out the service providers comment to investment in their technology and support services. Make sure they have a convenient support channel for you to reach out.

#4 Do you support E-911 or other service features?

Consider special requirements you may have for your business and ask your Cloud service provider if they have them covered. Sometimes it’s negotiable with some providers.


#5 What services are included versus fee-based add-ons?

Some services a provider offers may cost you extra fees. So be sure to ask what services are included and what are not in the contract.

#6 How is the call quality?

If you choose a hosted system, on-site devices such as Quality of Service should be avoided. Make sure you can have good call quality you expect.

#7 How reliable is the service?

Will you experience any service downtime? In what situation can that happen? If you can’t have any downtime, ask if there’s any backup system or other solutions.

#8 Customer experience?

service-guide-imageHave they ever handled any customers who face the similar situation as yours? What were their experiences? Do they have case studies? You should also search customer reviews and ask questions if anything raises concerns.

#9 Do you have disaster discovery capability?

What happens to your data, recordings, and voicemails in the event of a disaster wiping out a service provider’s data center? Do they have a backup plan and will the service always be available?

#10 Depth of Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Read the small print and ask questions if anything raise any concerns. Be aware of what happens when something goes wrong, beforehand.

Want to learn more? Check out our VoIP Service buyers guide or simply give one of our VoIP service consultants a call at 1-800-398-8647!


  • The questions are very useful and very informational. Thanks for sharing.

  • That’s really a very helpful discussion about VoIP Service Provider.

    Thanks for sharing this article and awesome discussion.

  • Thank you so much Ying-Hui ( Evy) for your suggestions. I learned the basic ideas to deal with the VoIP Service Providers. Moreover, most VoIP providers charge monthly fees based on the customer’s needs and will ask for a standard commitment period. Some providers will offer free equipment based on contract length. You will want to ask about such things as the cost of equipment, cancellation fees.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the comment! Yes, I agree. Contract and monthly fees should also be considered. Thank you for your suggestion:)


  • Roy Hearrean

    I need a residential virtual phone number in
    Long Beach,Ca. and I live in the Republic of
    Panama. Want to receive calls from Canada
    & USA and make calls to Canada & US.
    Can you provide. Pricing if possible. Thanks Roy

    • Hi Roy,

      Thanks for reaching out. I have assigned our sales rep, Darren, to assist you. Here is his contact information for your convenience: Darren Hartman [email protected] 716-250-3417

      Thank you,

  • Great post, thanks for sharing. All these tips are useful and every business should ask these question to their VoIP service provider. So they’ll know what they’re getting into and get their money’s worth.

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