3CX Call Center Guide: How to Generate 3CX Call Reports

June 22, 2020 by Ying-Hui Chen

When running a call center, agent productivity and customer satisfaction are always top priorities. Luckily, 3CX’s call reports help your call center clients keep these priorities on track at all times! 

In our 3CX webinar this month, Matt walked us through some of the main reports and explained how these can help your business make a better decision. We were also excited to have Snom join us to talk about their work from home solutions and new products! Let’s take a look at what both partners have to share:

How to Generate 3CX Call Reports

There are basically two types of reports you can utilize, Agent Productivity Reports and Quality of Service Reports. These reports are available on-demand or you can schedule them according to your clients’ needs. The majority of reports can be: 

  • Exported as a html or csv file 
  • Scheduled daily, weekly, bi weekly and month
  • Filtered by date (reports can be pulled from call logs up to 30 days old)

Download the guide to learn more!

#1 Agent Productivity Reports

  • User Activity (Graph) 
  • Extension Statistic Report 
  • Ring Group Statistics 
  • Call Distribution (Graph) 
  • Agents in Queue Statistics
  • Agent Login History

#2 Quality of Service Reports

  • Average Queue Waiting Time (Graph) 
  • Call Cost by Extension Group 
  • Call Cost by Call Type 
  • Queue Answered/ Unanswered Calls (Graph)Queue 
  • Answered Calls (Graph) 
  • Queue Unanswered Calls (Graph) 
  • Statistic SLA 
  • Breaches SLA 
  • Trunk DID 
  • Queue performance overview 
  • Detailed Queue Statistics 
  • Team Queue General Statistics 
  • Team Queue Lost Calls 
  • Abandoned Queue Calls 
  • Queue Answered Calls by Wait Time 
  • Queue Callbacks 
  • Queue Failed Callbacks

Snom Product Updates

Snom introduced their product lines, including IP phones, DECT phones, the wireless conferencing solution, the single-cell & multi-cell DECT station solutions, and so much more. 

Snom’s new C620 wireless conference phone is highly scalable and is suitable for a wide range of room sizes. 

Snom also talked about their handset updates. The new M70, M80, M9, and M900 DECT solutions come with a higher resolution screen, BT for Headset +Position, and more unique features. 

Download our presentation slides to learn more!

Join our next 3CX & Snom boot camp webinar to stay on top of new updates! Click here to reserve your spot!

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