Need a VoIP app for your Android or iPhone?

3CX has released Version 12 of 3CXPhone so you can make VoIP calls from anywhere with the smartphone of your choice.

What Is It?

3CXPhone is the app for the software-based 3CX IP PBX phone system for Windows.  This app uses push technology so that you don’t have to have it running all the time – you’re notified as soon as a call or message comes in, just like you would with your regular cell phone service.

3CXPhone for Android and iPhone also has these Unified Communications (UC) features:

  • Conference calling, call hold, call transfers (blind and attended), office voicemail
  • View co-worker line presence and set your personal away or available status
  • Multi-line feature to manage several calls at once
  • Corporate instant messaging
  • Call forwarding
  • Call history
  • Configure via email in seconds
  • Phonebook management
  • Play back and call recording

Why Do I Need It?

Look, even Dave Chappelle uses 3CXPhone.
Look, even Dave Chappelle uses 3CXPhone.

Use 3CXPhone to save money by making mobile VoIP calls through your office’s 3CX phone system.  Now, when work takes you away from your desk you won’t have to miss anything important.

Like when you missed that call from your overbearing client who then called every other number in your office, sent a fax, emailed you, direct messaged you on Twitter and Facebook, and then released a carrier pigeon to deliver the message.

If that sounds familiar then you’ll appreciate that your cell phone number stays private when you make calls using 3CXPhone because the caller ID displays your office phone number.

So, there’s at least one way to create a boundary between work and life.

How Can I Get It?

First: You need to make sure that your office is running 3CX Phone System V12.

Second:  Simply download 3CXPhone from either the Google Play store or iTunes.

Third:  Enjoy!

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