4 Sangoma Deal Registration Questions Answered!

August 19, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Sangoma is a rapidly growing company with an award-winning product suite. Are you ready to be a Sangoma partner and start growing your business? Here are some Q&A to get you started!

Download the presentation slides here.

#1 What are the Benefits to Sangoma Partners?

  • Profitability enhancement: Deal registration adds additional gross profit margin to an already profitable sale. 
  • Account control: If a registered prospect contacts Sangoma, we can refer the prospect back to the partner, and brief the partner on any communication that has taken place directly with Sangoma. 
  • Special pricing and promotion eligibility: Price deviation requests and promotions will be honored only for those opportunities that have been forecasted. 
  • Opportunity Referral: Partner registration activity will be considered when reviewing partner eligibility for leads opportunities. 
  • Greater discount spread between partner levels: Higher-level partners will receive larger deal registration incentives than lower level partners. This widens the discount spread between levels and further protects margins of higher-level partners.

#2 What are the Partner Qualifications?

  • Gold or Silver Partners in good standing with Sangoma are eligible. 
    • Must have completed training requirements to have at least one company level certification (Switchvox or PBXact) 
    • Must have met demo purchase requirement 
    • Must promote Sangoma on web site, if other vendor brands are promoted 
  • Must be headquartered in the US or Canada

#3 Is my opportunity qualified?

  • Customer must be an end user, headquartered in the U.S. or Canada 
  • Deal must not already be registered to another partner 
  • Registration is valid for 120 days 
  • Deals must be registered at least (30) days before closure 
  • Allow 1 additional renewal for 120 days 
  • Partner must provide regular and complete account updates in order to remain registered to the deal 
  • Deal must have a minimum value of $3500 MSRP in USD 
  • Deal Registration Discounts are ONLY valid for the following product categories as indicated on the published price lists. They include: Switchvox, PBXact, Phones, Headsets, Gateways, Cards and other products (excludes FreePBX add-ons, Asterisk add-ons, CCD, third party products and some cables and accessories) 
  • Deal may include products from other Sangoma business units not eligible for the Deal Registration program incentive to reach the $3500 minimum, even though the discount does not apply to those products.eligible for the Deal Registration program incentive to reach the $3500 minimum, even though the discount does not apply to those products.

#4 What are the incentives?

Check out this incentive summary chart below for more detail:

Have more questions? Visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-398-8647 today to get your questions answered!

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