The Cloud 9 is a webinar series co-hosted by VoIP Supply and Sangoma that includes 9 webinars with various must-learn VoIP Cloud Service topics, starting from December 5th, 2017 ending April 26th, 2018. This is a unique opportunity for all of you who are interested in learning effectively about in-depth VoIP in a timely manner.


Also, you will be entered to wingiveaways

  • One s500 IP Phone (worth $149) when you register & attend 5+ webinars – Five winners will be selected
  • One s705 IP Phone (worth $229) when you register and attend all 9 webinars! – One winner will be selected

Must be located within the continental US to be eligible for the prize. Winners will be selected randomly and announced during the webinars! Register early before they are all filled up!


What are the Topics?

Register for all 9 webinars here!


Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals/organizations selling
  • IT & Telecom professionals
  • Service providers’ technical personnel
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about VoIP in depth


Why Cloud 9 Webinars?

  • Learn about all important VoIP topics efficiently in one place
  • Get answers from VoIP experts during the interactive webinar(s)
  • Steal the secrets of selling Sangoma’s PBXact
  • Enter to win one of five s500 IP Phones or one s705 IP Phone! See details above.

sangoma-resellerAre you an OEM, Reseller, Systems Integrator, or the go-to IP provider for your customers? The Empowered by Sangoma Partner Program has exactly the benefits and options to fulfill your clients’ needs and grow your business!

Why Join Sangoma Partner Program?

  • A wide variety of VoIP product portfolios to choose from including FreePBX, PBXact, SIPStation and FoIP Services, etc.
  • Professional Support and Training –  Receive professional support from the same team that is developing the Sangoma PBX platform
  • The industry’s best-engineered, highest quality, IP and UC solutions, supporting “any app, anywhere” for businesses and service providers of all sizes.

As a Sangoma Partner, you will….

  • Get lead referrals and bigger margin (with discounts of 10% to 60%)
  • Access to Sangoma marketing programs
  • Access to introduction to new, Not For Resale (NFR) products for testing
  • Receive pre-sale and post-sale support
  • Receive discounts on certified training and direct developer/manufacturer support

Review the program and requirements to become a Sangoma Partner

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Sangoma, a leading provider of hardware and software components that deliver the best in IP Communication Systems, has been continuously working to improve their hardware and solutions as technology evolves. sangoma-logo

Today, Sangoma accomplished another milestone to introduce Sangoma University to help guide you through all of your Sangoma knowledge needs. In this initial offering, the key topic is PBXact/FreePBX – called PBXact Essentials and the training will be provided to those who wish to learn how to sell and market Sangoma products.

What does Sangoma University offer?

  • Online Technical and Sales Training Videos provide easy, self-paced instructions on Sangoma products, which allow for excellent visibility for people interested in Sangoma solutions.
  • Classroom Technical Training provides direct and in-depth training that ensures full comprehension of the product, in addition to having one-on-one access to go beyond just knowledge and strive into learning from other’s experiences.
  • Sangoma Certifications. Along with the Sangoma Training comes Sangoma Certifications. It will now be possible to mark your Online Training achievements with a certificate of Sangoma Certified Essentials. Two additional certification offerings will be provided with Classroom Training achievements, Sangoma Certified Apprentice and Sangoma Certified Professional.

Where do I access to Sangoma University?

Sangoma has already signed you up for Online Training. Please visit Sangoma University at

For more information, visit Sangoma’s website.

Are you interested in learning about Sangoma products? Don’t miss out this exciting new training program that helps you become a Sangoma-certified expert!

foipFaxing has been the nemesis of VoIP systems for as long as VoIP has been a thing. If you had a good VoIP vendor in the past, they would generally recommend you stick to a landline, or PRI for your fax services. That was because faxing over protocols like SIP had proven to be completely unreliable due to the fickle nature of faxing over a best effort architecture. Even with the advent of T.38, faxing still was a problem child for many.

Enter FoIP, or Fax over IP. Specifically, Sangoma’s iteration of FoIP, which actually works. I believe we live in a time where things should just work, and we should stop dealing with custom problems born from custom solutions. Sangoma offers Fax Station, which is a service within SIP Station where you can turn on fax service, order DIDs, and order your FAXStation appliance.

How Does FAXStation Work?

What’s nice is the FAXStation appliance is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to use your existing fax machines. How does that even work? Well, think of it as a FXS gateway with a little Sangoma magic on the inside. You request the appliance from the SIP Station portal, and the device ships to you ready to go. Plug it into your network, and plug your analog fax machines into the FXS ports and you’re ready to go.

Sangoma claims analog line equivalent reliability, and the reason for that all of the heavy lifting (fax wise) occurs at Sangoma’s data center. The inbound fax arrives there first via ISDN/SIP, then the data (the fax) is then sent your FAXStation appliance via SSL which is what guarantees the reliability. It’s also a nice bonus that it’s encrypted.

The appliance comes equipped with up to four analog ports for fax machines, and two ethernet ports. You also have the ability to do custom branding if you are selling these to your own customers. Custom branding is something Sangoma also does for it’s FreePBX product.

Do you need a fast connection to the internet?

sipstationNope, you won’t be relying on best effort protocols when moving the fax over the internet. In fact, it works well with satellite services, which may be the only means of communication in remote areas of the world.

You might be wondering, why you wouldn’t want to just stick with your existing landline, or PRI? Well price is the first consideration, and also those dedicated circuit type products are rapidly becoming extinct. EoIP (everything over IP, don’t try and pronounce that) is the way of the present, and you should get with the times.

What does it all cost?

If you have a SIPStation account, which you SHOULD if you run a FreePBX phone system, you can see for yourself. If you’re not willing to look right now I’ll tell you. Expect the appliance to have a one time cost of $190.00 USD, high volume faxing ( a massive 3000 pages per month) will set you back $24.00 a month, and 150 pages per month will cost $9.95 USD per month. Compare that with your recurring analog or PRI bill!

It’s also worth mentioning that FAXStation allows you to do inbound fax to email, as well as outbound faxing via a web portal that supports multi-user, and access control.   

If faxing is critical to your business or organization, give Sangoma’s FoIP solution, FAXStation a chance. Thanks for reading and happy VoIPing!

Check out FAXStation by Sangoma

You had feedback and Sangoma listened! Sangoma recently updated their Peace of Mind Support Package in an effort to consolidate their offerings and make things more consistent for customers.

A POMPs package is an optional support agreement that is purchased by the customer from Sangoma for a single PBXact system. The purchase of a POMPs base package, which is sold as Gold or Platinum and any additional Add-On Feature packages entitles the customer to certain services to be rendered by Sangoma. Some of my customers wonder what has changed and how the two support levels different. So, let’s check out the two support packages in the chart below.

Choosing the right FreePBX support package will ensure you receive all technical support from implementation assistance to upgrades and product down emergencies. To learn more about the FreePBX POMPs visit our site or call me at 1-866-593-0920

Learn more about FreePBX POMPs


In the previous post, I have briefly discussed what PBXact System is and how you can benefit from it. Today, I am going t walk you through the three main popular PBXact UC solutions and help you pick out the right phone system you desire!

The PBXact UC Series includes six phone systems but today we will focus on the three most popular systems: the PBXact UC 40, the PBXact UC 100 and the PBXact UC 1000 system.


The PBXact UC 40 is the smallest on-premise based appliance in the Sangoma PBXact family that is built for small businesses looking for a simple solution without bells and whistles. The PBXact 40 supports up to 40 licensed users and 30 simultaneous calls. It is an advanced on-premise turnkey unified communications platform which integrates all your business real-time voice and IP telephony applications into one full-featured experience. Check out the PBXact UC 40 datasheet here!

pbxact-100The PBXact UC 100 is a user-friendly appliance that supports up to 100 users or endpoints and 30 simultaneous calls. This solution can be easily deployed within minutes and it includes a web-based user interface. Designed for mid-sized businesses, the PBXact 100 comes ready with the ability for analog connection. This UC platform is closely integrated with the most popular phones and endpoint offered in the VoIP market. Check out the PBXact UC 100 datasheet here!


The PBXact UC 1000 is a fully feature business phone system suitable to expand to large contact center environments. The PBXact 1000 is able to handle up to 1000 users or endpoints and 300 simultaneous calls. This system is designed with business communications in mind to integrate with a wide range of IP phones and endpoints. Check out the PBXact UC 1000 datasheet here!

All of the PBXact hardware is built to be of high-performance and all Sangoma hardware carries a one year warranty with options to extend. The PBXact includes the following commercial modules:

  • Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
  • Built-In Conference Bridge
  • Fax to E-mail
  • Hunt/Ring Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • Voicemail Blasting
  • Find Me / Follow Me Calling
  • Personal IVRs
  • Wake Up Calls
  • Support for Video Calling
  • Secure Communications (SRTP/TLS)
  • Announcements
  • Text to Speech
  • Calling Queues (ACD)
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Some highlighted PBXact UC features include:

  • Flexible Time-Based Call Routing
  • Built-In Conference Bridge
  • Fax to E-mail, Three-Way Calling Support
  • Voicemail to E-mail
  • Call History / Call Detail Records
  • Softphone Support, Overhead Paging
  • Desktop/Mobile Phone Support
  • Web-based Config File Management When Needed
  • Backup and Restore Utilities, WebRTC Softphone
  • Call History (Details and Recording Playback / Download)
  • Presence Management, Conference Room Management

Access to the PBXact Series Datasheet

Still can’t find your perfect match? Give me a call at 866-583-0815! I will be happy to discuss your requirements and help you find the ideal solution that meets your business needs.

See More PBXact UC Phone Systems!

Managing schools can be challenging without a right communications solution. Sangoma provides modern UC phone systems that not only increase faculty productivity but also build a more secure learning environment for students. See how you can bring parents, student & teachers together effortlessly within your school premises by leveraging the top 12 UC features Sangoma provides!

#1 Hotdesking – Teachers can log into any phone and have all their features follow them.

#2 Phone Apps – Over 13 phone apps available for staff and teachers to utilize the graphical display for features like Follow-me, Call-forward, Call Flow Control, and more.

#3 User Control Panel (UCP) – Check voicemails and set up conference calls with your own unified control panel.

#4 One Extensions – Log in and out of any IP phone one the campus and access to all the settings of a user’s phone including extension, voicemails, contact lists, and customized menus.

students#5 Follow Me – Configure your extension to try other phones (mobiles or other desk phones) if there is no answer at your main extension.

#6 Voicemail to Email – Here any voicemail message gets attached as a sound file and sent to your email of choice. When combined with a smartphone it provides a great way to stay in touch.

#7 Fax to Email – Instead of relying on old fax machines and mail bins for individual users, with paper copied being lost or sitting in a mail bin for days, faxes can be sent directly to the recipient email.

#8 Smart Paging – Leverage your phone infrastructure to deliver same functionalities.

#9 Fully automated modern bell system

#10 Paging Pro – A FreePBX module that creates complex schedules

#11 Automated alerts – Emergency automated alerts that can be played on a recording

#12 Visual alerts – Send alerts to phones and light up in case of a school lockdown

Are you using any of the features? Curious to learn more features? Visit Sangoma’s page or just call our VoIP experts today at 1-800-398-8647!

Tell me more about Sangoma UC Solutions

After a long wait time, the headset you ordered has finally arrived. You can’t wait to open the box and try it with your VoIP phone but only find that it doesn’t work with your phone!

Urgh… frustrating.  Luckily, your apprehension has been heard!


a-guide-to-voip-headset-and-phone-compatibility-2The VoIP Supply team has created a comprehensive VoIP Phone & Headset Compatibility Guide to lead you to your right solutions within seconds. This guide covers top brands of VoIP phones and headsets including Grandstream, Cisco, Polycom, Sangoma, Yealink, Snom, Mitel, Digium, Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser, and VXi. Best of all, it’s FREE to download! Check it out today.

  • Learn the compatibility of IP phones and headsets
  • Explore ways of connectivity between IP phones and headsets
  • Learn product options for VoIP phones and headsets
  • Gain valuable insights to make the right purchase decision!

Fill out the form below to download:

WEBINAR: Disaster Recovery Planning for FreePBX & PBXact from Sangoma on Vimeo.

Let’s face it. We are all afraid of catastrophic failure of our communications system. What if I told you, to fear or not to fear, you are in control? Take the appropriate precautions, you can turn a full business shut down to just a minimal impact to your daily operation.

Check out this Sangoma Webinar to learn the best practices for protecting your business against a catastrophic disaster that will minimize impact to your business during a failure event. You will also learn the Sangoma products available for Disaster Recovery, focusing on the FreePBX/ PBXact phone systems.

Don’t want to start protecting your business communications system!

Learn more about FreePBX and PBXact UC phone systems.

sangoma-roadshow-17Are you curious about Sangoma’s latest technology or are interested in being a partner with Sangoma? If yes, then you are in luck! VoIP Supply is co-hosting three roadshows with Sangoma in Ohio and Pennsylvania this May. You will have the chance to see and learn the latest IP telephony products and solutions from Sangoma and learn the advantages of partnering with Sangoma.

This event is FREE to attend, but pre-registration is required. Follow the links below to register!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Night Town
12387 Cedar Road 

Cleveland, OH 44106

Register Here

Wednesday, May 10

ROCK Bottom Brewery
171 Bridge St.

Homestead, PA 15120
Register Here

Thursday, May 11

BrewRiver GastroPub
2062 Riverside Dr

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Register Here


Get Your Free Sangoma s500 IP Phone

Sangoma s500If you attend the roadshow, you’ll not only get to test drive the Sangoma phones but also receive one to keep. (Limit 1 phone per company. Must be present to claim your phone.) Attend Sangoma Roadshow(s) and get your own s500 IP phone to experience yourself!

At this event, you will also….

  • Learn how to leverage the Sangoma Partner Program to increase your bottom line
  • Get up to speed on the latest developments in our unified communications solutions, including Sangoma phones, FreePBX, PBXact UC, SIPStation, FAXStation, and Zulu UC
  • Connect with key members of the Sangoma team and grow your network
  • Enjoy complimentary snacks, beverages, cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres

We look forward to meeting you at the roadshow!