*3-Minute Read* Learn All About Sangoma PBXact Cloud!

October 25, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Download our presentation slides here

Looking for an easy cloud phone system? Spend 5 minutes to learn about Sangoma’s PBXact Cloud! Sangoma and VoIP Supply teamed up to host a webinar to show you what Sangoma PBXact Cloud is all about. Don’t have time for the whole presentation? Check out this quick webinar recap:

What is Sangoma PBXact Cloud?

PBXact Cloud is a complete UC platform provided by Sangoma. It is an open source system that is based on FreePBX and Asterisk. In short – it’s a certified version of Sangoma’s FreePBX!

Let’s check out some highlights of PBXact Cloud:

Tightly Integrated 

  • SIPStation (Trunking service) and FAXStation (Fax service) 
  • Sangoma S-D-P Series phones ○ PSTN telephony interfaces (configurable) and VoIP Gateways 
  • CRM: SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, SalesForce, Zoho, ConnectWise 
  • 300 + End points and over 20+manufacturers 
  • Sangoma Portal for licensing, support and Phones 

Expanded Capabilities 

  • Exclusive add-on modules (Base includes $2.3K in FreePBX add-ons) 
  • Software extensibility enables custom Integrations APIs 
  • Includes Sangoma Connect mobile and desktop client for collaboration 
  • Go to the next level with the Call Center Bundle

PBXact Cloud includes features like Sangoma Connect Mobile, Desktop softphone, CRM-Link and Zapier, and more.

Now let’s talk a little bit more about some of the popular features:

Sangoma Connect

Sangoma Meet

  • Easier and more reliable configuration process 
  • Better handling of network transitions (wifi<->LTE) 
  • Broader phone-model coverage 
  • Enhanced Push technology for increased reliability on incoming calls 
  • Zero touch deployment
  • In Connect Mobile, a Sangoma Meet tab offers a shortcut to Sangoma Meet. 
  • Changes are coming to the desktop and mobile apps, for deeper integration. 
    • Video chat (including guest chat) is removed. Please use Sangoma Meet for Video Conferencing. 
    • Also, the Chat widget is removed. Chat in the Desktop Softphone offers SMS and group chat. 

Sangoma Desktop Softphone 

The softphone solution is perfect for working from home staff or remote call center agents!

  • Make/Take calls – Shares desk Ext 
  • Threaded Slack like chat 
  • Phone system contact list/ dial by name 
  • Presence control (Available, Chat, Away, DND, Not Available) 
  • Hold/Transfer 
  • Visual Voicemail 
  • 1:1 video calls 
  • Click to call 
  • Screen Pops w/CRM Link 
  • SMS/Fax

Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access Solution

More key features include:

Don’t forget to also check out Sangoma’s SmartOffice Access! This solution leverages your existing LAN so you don’t need to do additional drilling through walls. Installation is a breeze! Plus, you will avoid a lot of unnecessary expenses.

No Door Readers 

  • Readers per door are expensive 
  • Readers are potential security risks as they reside outside the premises 
    • Primary target of every access control hack or attack! 

Mobile Control and Credentials 

  • App is used to open doors, arm zones or administer the platform 
  • No key cards or fobs: No one forgets their mobile phone! 

Reuse Existing Door Strikes or Mag Locks 

  • If you are already using a legacy Access Control system, it is easy to upgrade to SmartOffice Access! 
    • Customer must check with local municipal bylaws first 

Sangoma FAXStation

Last but not least, check out Sangoma’s faxing over IP solution, FAXStation! This easy solution provides you with unlimited users and it is just as reliable as the PSTN. It is easy to manage and integrated with the PBXact Cloud. 

  • Can use fax machines and/or eFax. 
  • Low monthly cost ($19.99/trunk for high volume) 
  • Unlimited users • Avoids T.38 compatibility issues 
  • No telco lines needed! 
  • Just as reliable as the PSTN! 
  • Easy management integrated with the PBXact Cloud 

Do you have more questions about Sangoma PBXact Cloud? Visit our website for more information or simply raise your phone and give us a call at 1-800-398-8647! 

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