5 Fanvil Hotel Phones: Affordable, Reliable and Highly Compatible

March 1, 2021 by Ying-Hui Chen

Fanvil keeps bringing greater value with high quality VoIP models and service! Fanvil’s hotel phone series comes with up to 6 soft keys that can be easily programmed for housekeeping, ticketing, food & beverage and more. 

The custom faceplate options are also available on the H3 hotel phones! Contact one of our VoIP consultants today at 1-800-398-8647 to learn more details.

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5 Fanvil Hotels Phones for a Wide Range of Scenarios

The Fanvil hotel series includes 5 models, let’s take a look at each one:

  1. H2U 2-Line Hotel Phone

The H2U is an affordable and reliable hotel phone. This device can serve as a hotspot and share one number from the server. When a call comes in, each extension phone will ring together. This makes it easy to answer calls from any location you may find yourself in your business!

  • 2 SIP Lines
  • HD Audio with wideband Codec: G.722, Opus
  • 10 speed dial keys, 1 programmable DSS Key
  • 3-way Conference

2) H3 Basic Hotel Phone (Custom faceplate options available!)

If you are looking for an economical, yet reliable hotel phone with a contemporary appearance and excellent voice quality, the H3 hotel phone is your go-to solution! The Fanvil H3 has 6 programmable soft keys that can be programmed for quick extensions such as housekeeping, ticketing, food & beverage and more. Our customers love how easy to use it is and its elegant appearance. 

Don’t forget that you can customize your H3 hotel phone with a custom faceplate. Call one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today to learn more.

  • 1 SIP Line 
  • 6 Programmable keys 
  • 1 USB Charging Port 

3) H3W WiFi Hotel Phone – NEW!

The Fanvil H3W in Black is an upgraded model from the H3 model. This device comes with a built-in WiFi feature! It brings the same elegant appearance you’ve come to know and love from the existing H3, but with the added bonus of wireless connectivity.

  • 2 SIP line
  • 1 USB Port for Phone Charging
  • 6 Programmable Keys for Speed Dial Functions
  • Built-in WiFi

4) H5 High-End Hotel Phone

The H5 is a high-end, 1 SIP line hotel phone which features great voice quality and easy integration with a vast selection of communications platforms. It also comes with 6 programmable soft keys for housekeeping, food & beverage and more!

  • 1 SIP Line
  • Wideband codec G.722
  • Full-duplex acoustic echo canceller 
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Support for fast ethernet- 10/100 mbps

5) H5W WiFi Hotel Phone – NEW!

The H5W is an upgraded version of the H5 hotel phone. This model comes with 2 SIP lines and built-in WiFi to give you wireless flexibility you need! It can serve as a SIP hotspot and it features a 3.5 color display and supports H.264 video decoding.

  • 2 SIP lines
  • Support PoE
  • Indicator Light
  • 3.5-inch 480×320 color display 
  • Supports Opus codec

All these hotel phones can also be used in scenarios such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets and more! Contact one of our VoIP experts at 1-800-398-8647 today to learn more!

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