Did You Know? 7 Facts About Yealink That May Surprise You!

July 21, 2015 by Jeff Quinn

Yealink IP Phone Family

As the Yealink product line grows and matures into a leader in the VoIP endpoint market, we thought it would be a good idea to give our readers some background on the company that you may not know about them.

I personally think #3 was a great move for the company on a whole to appeal to it’s customer base.

#1.  200 R&D Employees

With that many employees focused solely on creating a better product with the latest features, only good things can happen. Also this means that new products will have little to no bugs/errors that will need to be corrected. They have so many employees to work out all the kinks before it makes it to your desk.

#2.  Microsoft Lync Compatible

The T48G and T22P have already been certified with Microsoft and I don’t think they will be stopping there. With the debut of Skype for Business I can see Yealink moving right along to certify all their new T2 Series and T4 Series phones


Jack of all trades or the master of one? Yealink is trying to be the master of one. They are not looking to add a PBX or gateway or switch to their profile.


#3.  US based Tech Support

Yealink has launched real-time Technical Support Service for North America. With the new service, customers in North America now enjoy Yealink’s prompt and professional services. You can reach the technical support by submitting a ticket here: https://ticket.yealink.com/. The team at Yealink is available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 6:30pm EST.

#4.  Break Room to Conference Room Phone Options

Yealink offers a phone for the break room, the front desk, the call center employee, the executive and the conference room. They have it all and if there is something they are missing they like to hear feedback from their customers. They want to be the leader and will stop at nothing until their goal is reached.

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#5.  Broad Software Compatibility

Yealink, together with our technology partners, has built the Unified Communications Ecosystem Solutions for businesses. These Ecosystem Solutions include On-premise Solutions, Cloud-hosted solutions, and IP Contact Center Solutions.

In this ecosystem, Yealink provides one-stop open SIP terminal solution with customized features, perfectly integrated with the leading IP-PBX, Unified Communications, IP Centrex and Contact Center platforms like Asterisk, 3CX, Tadiran, Broadsoft, Metaswitch and Genesys.

#6.  Focused on Creating the Best VoIP Phone

Jack of all trades or the master of one? Yealink is trying to be the master of one. They are not looking to add a PBX or gateway or VoIP switch to their profile. They are creating VoIP phones and staying on that path. This allows all their research and development people to focus on one thing.

#7.  Cordless Phones with a Repeater

There are plenty of different cordless VoIP phone options for you, but how far is the range? Depending on the size of your office you may not be able to reach all corners with just a typical DECT solution. Yealink has a repeater to extend the reach up to 150 feet! This is a huge gain at the price point and feature set Yealink is offering.

Is there something we missed? Let us know your thoughts, facts, tidbits on Yealink. We would love to hear about them.

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