If you’re one of the first 500 participants of Jabra’s UC Voice Webcast on September 1, 2011 you can recieve a free Jabra Unified Communications headset.

Immediately following the UC Voice webcast, get to the Jabra UC voice headset giveaway link and register to win.  Jabra will match the registration list with the webcast participation list.  And that is it:

  • No trade-ins.
  • No shipping fees.
  • No lengthy terms and conditions.

Future of Business Communication

The webcast is a live opportunity to meet CEO Mogens Elsberg and learn about Jabra’s view for successfully adopting a UC solution:

“With the official launch of the Jabra UC VOICE™, Jabra is now taking the lead in all categories of hands-free communication for Unified Communications – learn how Jabra’s hands-free solutions help drive a successful adoption of UC and hear our vision for taking a leadership position in this market.”

For more information, check out our Jabra Headsets product page.



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