ACTi Has Analog Users in Mind With New Network Series Cameras

May 20, 2013 by Taylor Hamp

This year ACTi has done something very bold and very brave. Beginning in Q1 of 2013, this top network camera company started rolling out several new cameras. It’s not just a few new models; it’s entire new lines.

Currently in the process of fading out their popular TCM series, ACM series and KCM series cameras, ACTi has released 2 new lines so far with 2 more to come later in the year.

ACTi did an excellent job by identifying exactly what a problem was with crossing over to IP cameras. The plain truth is, IP cameras are expensive. They’re really expensive when compared to some analog cameras. Understanding this, ACTi released the D series IP cameras.

The D series is directly aimed towards analog users. Boasting similar features, the D series is to soothe over the sticker shock most CCTV veterans experience when looking at the newer network cameras. Consider the D series the first step in transitioning from analog to IP.

The second line is the E series. These are a step up from the D series. Just in the recent weeks that the cameras have been released several of the E series models have taken off, such as the E21 indoor cameras and E34 outdoor camera. The E series also starts to incorporate features like the Superior Low Light Sensitivity (SLLS) and vari-focal lens.

The E series and D series are booming in popularity. Their success was unexpected, and ACTi isn’t done yet.

Coming out later this year, suspected towards the end of Q3, are the other 2 new lines. The ACTi B series and ACTi I series are aimed to replace the current KCM and ACM cameras. With these new releases, we can expect to see 10 Megapixels, panoramic domes, and PTZ cameras.

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