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Youleidy Vega has been with VoIP Supply since November of 2015. She started as eCommerce Business Specialist and was recently promoted to Product Marketing Specialist. She specializes in catalog management and making sure that customers are up to date with the latest VoIP solutions. Connect with her on LinkedIn

What are the key things to consider when choosing a right switch for VoIP?

May 10, 2016
There can be a lot of apprehension and uneasiness when switching to VoIP. These emotions are understandable as the dependability of businesses on their voice ... READ MORE

Elastix with the Renegade- A Powerful Solution

April 22, 2016
If you are interested in a powerful solution for your business read on for a great option. If you landed on this page by accident ... READ MORE

Refresh Products: Refurbished and Rocking

April 19, 2016
Are you considering deploying VoIP in  your home or business, but are apprehensive about going through with it because of the cost of VoIP hardware? ... READ MORE

Is VoIP Really Less Expensive?

April 18, 2016
VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, has been steadily replacing traditional communications since 2004. VoIP is where calls are made through the internet versus using ... READ MORE

First Look: Grandstream DP750 and DP720

March 29, 2016
If you have certain DECT IP Phone requirements that must be met before you are completely sold on a DECT Headset, then Grandstream's newly released ... READ MORE

First Look: TPA65 Wireless DECT Desk Phone: Revolutionizing Wireless VoIP

March 22, 2016
Are you an innovative thinker who appreciates avant-garde ideas? If you answered yes, then we think the TPA65 will be your cup of tea. At first glance, ... READ MORE

VoIP Supply Earns Recertification as B Corporation

March 3, 2016
BUFFALO, N.Y. February 29, 2016— VoIP Supply is proud to announce that they have been recertified as a B Corporation (B Corp) in Western New ... READ MORE

Checklist for Expo Attendees: How to make the most out of an Expo

February 15, 2016
Whether you are a technology company or are in the business of making teddy bears, have traveled for business before or are a newcomer to ... READ MORE

First Look: Grandstream GXP2135 Enterprise SIP Phone

February 11, 2016
If a high level enterprise phone is on your list of "Things to buy to improve my work environment ," then Grandstream's newly released GXP2135 arrived ... READ MORE

Grandstream Releases Two New Products

December 21, 2015
A well-known name in the VoIP industry, Grandstream Networks has been on it’s “A” game manufacturing award-winning IP Phones, IP PBX Appliances, and Surveillance Products ... READ MORE
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