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February 22, 2011 by Darren Hartman

Being a sales professional with VoIP Supply for the past six years I have had the pleasure to use most if not all of the IP phone
model manufactures that we carry.

A few months back I hooked up the Aastra IP 6755I to give it try.  The phone has performed really well. Below are some major benefits of this particular phone and all of the Aastra 67XI series phone family. They have a lot of great choices for all types of users.

Desk Phones

A family of powerful and flexible SIP based products that offer an advanced interoperability with major IP Telephony platforms.

All enterprise-grade 67xi Series Aastra IP phones feature embedded XML browser capability, full-duplex speakerphone, Hi-Q™ wideband audio technology, up to nine call appearance lines, Busy Lamp Field support and extensive storage capacity for directories, callers lists, etc.

In addition, all models offer simplified deployment, 4-position footstands and are wall mountable. Most 67xi models support Power Over Ethernet (POE) and AC power options with some models offering attendant functionality through optional Expansion Modules.

Here are some explanations of the desk phone benefits that Aastra offers.

  • Remarkable Audio

A lot of the major manufactures are incorporating HD in the phones. All 67xi Series IP Telephones integrate HD in what they call Aastra Hi-Q™ wideband audio technology to deliver enhanced performance and voice clarity.

The Aastra Hi-Q significantly improves the audio quality of calls offering a truly superior voice experience on each audio path – handset, hands-free speakerphone or headset port.

It makes conversations more life-like giving a richer user experience and increasing productivity. It is pretty cool to benchmark a HD and non HD phone side by side. Give it a try and you will be surprised by the difference.

  • XML Support

The 67xi series phones are equipped with XML browser capabilities allowing access to customized services and applications.

This allows creation of internal service applications using development guides available from Aastra. This feature provides unlimited potential to customize the Aastra phone to meet your specific business needs or vertical and CTI applications using the display and keypad.

  • Enhanced Call Management

With extensive storage capacity for personal directories, callers logs and redial lists, the Aastra 67xi series can improve efficiency by providing more call information with the push of a button.

This includes features such as shared call and bridged line appearances, call forward, call transfer, call waiting, intercom and 3-way conference providing enhanced call flexibility and control.

  •  Simplified Deployment

From initial deployment and configuration to future enhancements and upgrades, the Aastra 67xi is designed to save your business time and money.

Easily created configuration files, using any text editor and a variety of communication protocols, can be used to configure phones individually or centrally.

Wireless Options

Aastra has a few SIP DECT wireless options to choose from. Out of all the manufactures we carry I think Aastra has come up with the best options for our customers. Using the SIP DECT option tends to be easier for customers to install and manage over the SIP WiFi phones.

The first option is the 6757I CT model. This is a similar to the 6757I model but the CT version has a wireless handset that connects back to the base 6757I phone. There is no upgrade from the 6757I model to the CT version. You have to order the CT version from the start.

I really like the flexibility of this phone being both wired and wireless. The range can be up to 300,000 square feet in an office. The battery life for the wireless handset is much better than most wifi options too. You can connect up to 4 handsets to one base.

The other option I would like to go over is the Aastra MBU 400. With this model you get a wireless gateway that you can connect up to 8 handsets. One of the cool features is that you can have up to 8 unique Sip registrations.

The handsets are called the Aastra 420D. They are a sleeker looking design than the 6757 CT handset. The 420D also has a really strong battery life of 12 hrs of talk time. This solution is great for home and SMB users.

Questions / Opportunities?

Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email with any questions or opportunities on these phones. I am always happy to help.

Darren Hartman

[email protected]

Toll free direct (866) 675-8461

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