ACTi announced their Standalone NVRs ENR-1100, ENR-1200, and ENR-2000 as End of Life and replaced each with the the ENR-120, ENR-130, and ENR-140.

ACTi NVRs are popular components to any ACTi system. It’s sad to see a few of their models go, but the replacements are making the parting of ways a little sweeter.

ENR-120 ENR-130

ACTi ENR-120

  • 2-Bays
  • 9-Channels / Supports 9 IP Cameras or Video Encoders
  • Live view for up to 9 displays
  • Recording Frame Rate: Max 270 fps in total; Max 30 fps per camera
  • Max Recording Throughput: 36 Mbps
  • Record video; Play alert beep; Activate external device through digital output; E-mail notification with snapshots; Enlarge; video loss; Go to PTZ preset point

ACTi ENR-130

  • 2-Bays
  • 16-Channels / Supports 16 IP

ACTi Dome IP Cameras have IP66 rated waterproof casings but, as ACTi points out, the cameras are only as waterproof as your installation.

Translation:  ACTi dome IP cameras can only guarantee weather imperviousness if both the camera and Ethernet cable are properly sealed off.

How to achieve watertight installation:

  • Employ waterproof junction box.
  • Use waterproof flex conduit to protect Ethernet cabling.
  • Mount flex conduit to camera using conduit gland / conduit fitting (not included with camera, sold separately).

ACTi dome IP cameras have a 3/4″ diameter side opening which you’ll need to know when purchasing the conduit gland/fitting.  The diameter of the conduit hose you want to use is up to you but it should obviously be wide enough to accomodate the head of the …

Keep watch on your IP surveillance cameras at all times even when you’re not at home or in the office.

ACTi’s MobileGo! software connects to your NVR to allow live viewing and camera control remotely via iPad, iPhone or iPod.

Free App

It’s a free application and when installed on your devices you’ll gain:

  1. Easy access to live view
  2. PTZ control: Pan, Tilt and Zoom control available for ACTi PTZ cameras, including preset points.
  3. Search and Playback video with both time based and event based search functions.

NOTE:  The free Android version will be available in Q4, 2011.


Realizing that the 64-channel rackmount ACTi XNR-4200 NVR has enviable features at a price and scale that smaller operations can’t touch, ACTi has released an NVR based on that platform better suited for smaller systems and limited budgets.

Small and Powerful

The standalone ACTi GNR-2000 NVR is smaller in size but maintains the same great user interface, support for up to 5 hard drive disks (not included), and packs the same powerful features such as:

  • Manage up to 16 IP cameras or video encoders
  • Support H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG formats up to 4-Megapixel resolution
  • H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG with dual stream
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10
  • Instant event playback, 4-channel synchronized playback up to 500x speed
  • Intuitive and friendly user interface

Standalone NVR vs. IP Camera Software

For …

For Apple’s triple threat ACTi is now providing a surveillance app for use on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod:

ACTi MobileGo! allows you to view and control cameras on iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It provides easy access to live video and playback of recorded video for remote and real-time surveillance applications.

ACTi MobileGO! is available on iTunes and features:

  • Access to your ACTi IP cameras anytime, anywhere.
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) control for ACTi PTZ cameras, including presets.
  • Live viewing with pre-defined layouts.
  • Configurable Settings with optional resolutions of 640×480 to 320×240.
  • Save camera image to iPhone of iPad.
  • Search and Playback video with time and event-based search functions.