How to Waterproof a Dome IP Camera Installation

September 30, 2011 by Nathan Miloszewski

ACTi Dome IP Cameras have IP66 rated waterproof casings but, as ACTi points out, the cameras are only as waterproof as your installation.

Translation:  ACTi dome IP cameras can only guarantee weather imperviousness if both the camera and Ethernet cable are properly sealed off.

How to achieve watertight installation:

  • Employ waterproof junction box.
  • Use waterproof flex conduit to protect Ethernet cabling.
  • Mount flex conduit to camera using conduit gland / conduit fitting (not included with camera, sold separately).

ACTi dome IP cameras have a 3/4″ diameter side opening which you’ll need to know when purchasing the conduit gland/fitting.  The diameter of the conduit hose you want to use is up to you but it should obviously be wide enough to accomodate the head of the Ethernet cable.

Installation Guide

For more information on waterproofing your dome IP camera installation check out this article from ACTi, “Waterproof Installation of Dome Cameras,” that includes many helpful pictures and an explanation of how to deal with humidity during an install. 

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