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Need an IP PBX? 101104 Alternatives to Cisco and Avaya.

October 31, 2008
A few months ago I began compiling a list of IP PBX products and other telephony platforms that are either directly Open Source, or are ... READ MORE

Counterpath Announces X-Pro for Asterisk

September 24, 2008
According to Digium's Steven Sokol, one of the primary organizers of Astricon, softphone gurus Counterpath.....makers of the popular X-Lite SIP softphone....have a new product release ... READ MORE

Sangoma U100 Review

September 8, 2008
As Cory Andrews unveiled a few weeks ago, Sangoma has release a new USB FXO device, the U100, which allows you to turn a USB ... READ MORE

Deploying Linux Open Source IP Video Surveillance with ZoneMinder

September 4, 2008
We've recently outgrown our Video Surveillance system at the office. We have a large facility with a combination of IP and traditional analog CCTV ... READ MORE

First Look: Sangoma U100 USB FXO Interface Device

August 25, 2008
Just received a new Beta product that Sangoma has developed called the U100, which is essentially a 2 Port, USB-based, Zaptel compliant FXO interface. This new ... READ MORE

How Asterisk Users Can Take Advantage of ENUM with Gizmo5

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on ENUM, what it is, and why it is important to the continued development of VoIP. Today the ... READ MORE

Asterisk Dial Plan Basics

August 5, 2008
I was recently discussing an asterisk implementation at a 12 seat organization, and the customer had some concerns about using a more developed solution such ... READ MORE

FreeSwitch and SipXecs and Second Generation IP PBX

July 31, 2008
There's a new generation and it won't be denied. I have previously blogged on the exciting new FreeSwitch 1.0 release. I predicted it wouldn't be ... READ MORE

Guest Post: It’s So Easy To Write Apps for Asterisk

July 23, 2008
One of the most powerful things about Asterisk is the relative ease of developing and integrating new applications.   Historically, the telephony world has been a ... READ MORE

Leveraging Asterisk and a SIP Trunk to Unmask Private Calls

July 21, 2008
FierceVoIP has some coverage this morning of Kevin Mitnick's presentation at the recent Last HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) conference where he utilized Asterisk and ... READ MORE
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