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The Future of Internet Protocol

March 21, 2008
Hello again! This is your friendly Tech Guy, Kyle Brocious, here. Internet Protocol and its evolution Today I would like to talk about a subject that many ... READ MORE

Treating Griddle-Forehead Syndrome (GFS) with VoIP Technology

March 20, 2008
Isn’t it wonderful e-mailing friends all over whenever you want, wherever they are? Who hasn’t e-mailed a cousin in Europe, a friend in Pismo ... READ MORE

Marketing VoIP Services To Non-Technical Consumers

March 16, 2007
Not All Consumers Understand VoIP But you do not HAVE to make them fully understand the technology in order to get them to interested enough to ... READ MORE

7 Ways To Improve VoIP Call Quality

February 23, 2007
VoIP Call Quality is the Most Important Factor For Today's VoIP Consumer Tracy Mayor over at VoIP-News have an excellent post on seven ways to improve ... READ MORE

To VoIP or Not to VoIP, That is the Question…

February 14, 2007
As a salesperson, it’s ironic that I spend a lot of time convincing people not to use Voice over IP (VoIP). It’s not that ... READ MORE

What is VoIP?

December 6, 2006
Let's go back to the basic to tell you what VoIP is. A simple explanation is: VoIP is just like your traditional analog phones but ... READ MORE

Are You Wasting Money on Your IP Phones?

August 28, 2006
A recent article in CIO Today based on a report from Gartner Inc. revealed that businesses will waste $20.3 Billion on IP Phones with features ... READ MORE