Digium TC400B Transcoder Card

March 2, 2007 by Garrett Smith

Digium’s TC400B Trandscoder Card decrease CPU processing load

digium TC400BOne of the most costly uses of CPU load on a server running Asterisk centers around the transforming of the G.729a codec into other codecs for the purposes of call origination or termination, bridging disparate calls, or VoIP to TDM connectivity. As you may well know, though, these transformations in software are very expensive, in terms of MIPS, and require a substantial amount of CPU time to accomplish.

That is why Digium has released the TC400B. The TC400B was designed to relieve the CPU of these processing duties, freeing it for other tasks (or allowing you to use a less powerful unit), and also allowing Asterisk to bridge G.723.1 compressed audio into other formats. Prior to the TC400B, you did not have this capability.

Digium TC400B Functionality

The TC400B decompresses G.729a (8.0kbit) or G.723.1 (5.3kbit) into u-law or a-law; or, compresses u-law or a-law into G.729a (8.0kbit) or G.723.1 (5.3kbit). The TC400B is rated to handle up to 96 bi-directional G.729a transformations or 92 bi-directional G.723.1 transformations.

Digium TC400B Benefits

In addition to the relieving the CPU of transforiming processing duties and allowing Asterisk to bridge G.723.1 compressed audio into other formats, the Digium TC400B does not require additional licensing fees for the use of these codecs nor does it require the registration process associated with Digium’s software-based G.729a codec licensing. An additional cost and time savings!

The Digium TC400B ships with one TC400P and one TC400M voice processing module. It is currently shipping and is retailing for $1499.99. For more information or to order, please visit the Digium TC400B page.

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