Egorcast mashes Jott / Twitter

August 15, 2007 by Garrett Smith

This post is slightly off the beaten path considering our traditional tight focus on VoIP, but it does have a telephony component via Jott so here we go.

For those of you not familiar with Jott, their service allows you to call a toll-free number that they assign, and record any type of message. Jott then uses a combination of manual transcription and machine translation (Speech Recognition) to transcribe your message to text. This text can then be sent to you as an email, or posted to a blog or webpage.

What the folks at EgorCast have done is hook Jott into Twitter, which is a popular application that allows you to send realtime text updates, typically via SMS. Users can also subscribe to your Twitter “feed” and receive your personal updates.

Egorcast was developed by Big in Japan.


  • Justin

    I really love how people have discovered their own integrations with Jott. The jott/twitter combo is one of the more popular ones I’ve seen along with jott/vitalist and jott/RTM combos. I’ve also seen uses with 30 boxes. I’m sure with more features coming out, there will be a ton more! Gotta love it. I do!

  • Cory Andrews

    Yeah, I’d love a peek under the hood at Jott, I’d like to know more about how their voice transcription works. I think it is done primarily through speech rec software, but someone else told me that they outsource a portion of the transcription to live agents overseas. Still another source claims they utilize Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

    The accuracy is fairly good, but it does not handle complex words very well. If someone could offer a Jott-like service, with a very high degree of accuracy, and integration with things like WordPress, that would be something.

    Gotta love the mashups though!

  • John R.

    Jott’s voice recognition DOES go through voice recognition software on top of people over AND in seas who finish transcriptions that the software doesn’t catch. Jott does this for the best accuracy. And of course you won’t get 100 percent right transcriptions all the time, BUT I heard somewhere that the more you use Jott, the more your voice is recognized and the better the transcriptions are. I’m too the point with Jott where proper nouns are coming out right. With caps and all!

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